Forest Glen Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Forest Glen Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Forest Glen Health Campus Reviews

monique Sutherland via GOOGLE

Forest Glen is one of the best skilled nursing facilities, I have worked for, the way they care for the residents is unbelievable. They ensure that residents not only have great care but that the residents here continue to live a better life.

Mandy Foley via GOOGLE

Kate Kahler via GOOGLE

By ReviewerFY#0113 via CARING

My Dad is at Forest Glen, and it’s been very good right now. It’s just a distance from me, so I visit him every two days through the window. He’s been there since early December. Obviously, I don’t get to interact with the staff very much. I either talk to them over the phone or see them through the window, but I’m happy with their care. Right now, he’s in a private room because he’s receiving skilled care, but that’s about to come to an end under his insurance. He may even have to go to a semi-private room. It’s been pretty good, and I’m happy with them. It’s a beautiful campus in North Springfield on a huge amount of land. It’s very spacious, clean and modern-looking on the outside. It has a sister facility just up the road, and my father was there after he came out of the hospital. We had a really nice experience there, too, so they’re both really good places. From what I can see with the room, it’s a little basic, but it’s fine. I’ve seen just the foyer entrance. I could not go any farther than that, but from what I can see down the halls and into the dining room, things looked very clean, spacious, and nice. My dad has talked to me about the food, and that’s important to him. For the most part, like yesterday, he was really happy with both his lunch and dinner. Once in a while, there’s something that he doesn’t care for, but for the most part he thinks it’s pretty good. They can’t have any activities right now.

By Levi via CARING

Forest Glen was nice and clean. We met one person who was working there, and we were satisfied with it. They have 2-bedroom apartments, and they come with a garage, which is a real plus. However, if you want to eat, you have to leave your building and cross the street. The activities are more open for group activities. They have a clubhouse where people can go for exercising.

Joe Esposito via GOOGLE

My mom has been in AL for a number of years and I have no doubt that the staff and management care about her. The nurses are responsive whenever there is a concern raised. The Life Enrichment team does a great job despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 restrictions. The facility is kept clean. The current Executive Director does a great job of creating a family atmosphere.

Michelle Hall via GOOGLE

The level of care and attention to detail that the staff and care teams provide our family members and residents is beyond anything else I have experienced in my 14 years of nursing. The commitment and dedication to serve our community is evident in every interaction and I am so excited for our team and facility. Activities and therapy are top notch and the personalized service we provide is almost unheard of in long term care. Our values show in every bit of work we accomplish as a strong and positive team. We will just grow and improve. If you’re not at Forest Glen maybe you should have a chat with admissions to see if we can make our facility part of your family!

Michelle Rhoads via GOOGLE

This is truly a place where the employees care about the residents and each other. From food to housekeeping to activities to nursing I have been super impressed with the atmosphere in this building. Therapy here works so hard to get people up and moving to thier full potential. I would recommend Forest Glen to my family which says alot.

Jessica Johnson via GOOGLE

Pam Price via GOOGLE

Suzi Remick via GOOGLE


It’s a great place to work where people genuinely care about each other and the residents!

Diane White via GOOGLE

We have had nothing but excellent care for my father-in-law since he became a resident 2-1/2 years ago. The staff is to notch and very caring and compassionate. We recommend Forest Glen highly.

By Robert via CARING

Forest Glen Health Campus was very well-kept, clean, and up to date. There’s nothing worn or shabby about it at all, but instead it’s an excellently-kept facility. They offer three meals a day, and it’s a very generous offer. You can go to the dining room to eat or you can have them delivered to your house. They have an excellent kitchen and excellent food. The people were going to and fro and they have a schedule of activities. They only offer one floor plan and one size, and the way the houses are built are way too small.

By Pam via CARING

My mom stayed at Forest Glen Health Campus for a day, and I really like this place. It’s a bigger facility, and they have various assisted living there. We called hospice care right away when she went there, so that was really who provided her with the care. She had a private room; it was an excellent room. The place was good and the room where she’s at was very, very clean (including the bathrooms). The entrance that we went in and as you go down the hallway are very welcoming and very clean. The staff that I came in contact with were very, very helpful. They did everything I needed them to do. The building was in really good shape and very well-maintained. The value for the money is average. I called around to other places, and they weren’t any more expensive than that.

Bruce Self via GOOGLE

The staff here are very caring and the campus is kept very clean and neat and appearance

Isaac LyBurtus via GOOGLE

Roseanna Kendall via GOOGLE

The staff always has the best interest of the customer! They have always exceeded my expectations!!

Debbie Judy via GOOGLE

I do not give 5 lightly. My Mother is a resident here. My Mother went here for Rehab. She was to be released from Almost Home, but unfortunately had another battle with a medical condition that afflicts elders, and went to hospital. When released she was sent to another Skilled Nursing Facility. The worst week of our lives. I called Forest Glen and requested my Mother be moved. Everyone was the most helpful they could be. They had to be annoyed by all my calls, but if they were, I did not know it. They worked diligently to get her there. This SNF has food that is delicious, and it is served to those that stay in their room by a server who knows them by name. Helps them cut, take off packaging, and if they look and don’t like it, they go get them something else. Is everything absolutely perfect… No. But I will say, that we are in an employee crunch. No one wants to work. Aides are helpful, and seem competent. Nurses have been up and down with me, a family member. I am my Mother’s advocate. A few have been very dismissive and at times rude. Others have been great. This SNF provides many levels of care to be able to transition to. Upper management is great and have never dismissed me, no matter how long I yackity yack. My Mother’s future is a question mark. They give me information, but do not push. This SNF will be my lifeline to survive this troubling time.

Teresa Blue via GOOGLE

Forest Glen has been able to meet my grandmother’s needs at all levels of care she has required from assisted living to skilled nursing. The staff has always communicates any changes that occurs as soon as possible.

Rita Mendenhall via GOOGLE

Staff is extraordinary! My loved one received the best of care!

Sky Herron via GOOGLE

I have worked at many different nursing homes and Forest Glen is by far my favorite place I have been. It is such an amazing atmosphere & everyone is so great to work with. Absolutely love all of our residents & don’t know where I’d be today without them !!

By Sandy via CARING

My father-in-law was in the skilled nursing facility at Forest Glen Health Campus. Everybody was nice and very helpful. Everything was clean. They were very thorough when it came to all the COVID stuff. The layout and design of the room were fine. They had a big bathroom and a big shower. We didn’t use any of the amenities, but they had a nice dining room and a nice courtyard. He was there probably for five weeks. Medicaid paid for most of it except the last week. The outside was very beautiful. They had a pond. They had very well-managed lawns, too.

Dayna Bennett via GOOGLE

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