Harrison Trail Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Harrison Trail Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Harrison Trail Health Campus Reviews

Tiffany Lewe via GOOGLE

kierra thompson via GOOGLE

Coming from a place where there was no growth and appreciation for staff and being drained mentally and physically Harrison Trails is by far one of the best facilities I’ve stepped foot in. The staff is greatly appreciated for the work that they do and there is room for growth in the company. The energy here is very positive and uplifting and everyone is friendly and helpful towards one another. I also know who my DON, ADON and Administrator is right off the bat so that’s a plus for me. Everyone including the DON, ADON and Administrator are involved in the care of the residents which in my book is a huge upgrade from where I’ve come from.

Lisa Hess via GOOGLE

Freindly and fantastic place to work.

By Dale via CARING

Harrison Trail Health Campus is brand new, it just opened a couple of weeks ago. We were looking at that time at skilled nursing care for my mother because she fell. I just looked at the skilled nursing part of it, I didn’t go into the assisted living part of it. They said they didn’t have any available at the time. I talked to them anyway. The staff I talked to were helpful with the information. It looks like a nice place, they had big areas for people to meet, and they had bingo and stuff like that, activities for the senior citizens.

Krystal Boehl via GOOGLE

Michelle Edwards via GOOGLE

Great place to work! Many opportunities for growth!

Bruce Drewry via GOOGLE

The best facility that I have toured. Staff is great. The Director of Nursing is awesome, very helpful and goes out of her way to help everyone. I highly recommend this facility.

Candice Reed via GOOGLE

I want to personal thank every single person in the Harrison Trails Community. They are the absolute best company I have ever stepped foot in, in over 10 years. Not only do they provide exceptional care to the residents but they also recognize their TEAM! TEAM meaning their employees. This company has so many opportunities to grow with in the company. It is a very calm environment for all with in and out of the community. They hold everyone with open arms. Thank you!

Blaze Wallace via GOOGLE

This place is a great place to work at, everyone here makes my week 10 times better

samantha ayers via GOOGLE

Harrison Trails is by far one of the best places of employment I’ve ever worked at. I feel very appreciated working for this company. I also feel like management cares and thinks highly of their staff. I’m very proud to be a part of the Harrison Trail family. This is an amazing company to work for.

Paula Amshoff via GOOGLE

I love working for this company. They are diligent in making sure employee voices are heard. They support high standards. When I was hired I was told high standards are important. They do fulfill they’re mission statement of high standards. The residents come first and are truly loved.

Lisa Womack via GOOGLE

Harrison trail is by far the best facility I have ever worked for. The residents receive excellent care. Harrison trail care about and appreciate their employees. There are so many benefits and opportunities for growth. Come be part of the Harrison trail family.

Candie Young via GOOGLE

Beautiful facility , honored and proud to be part of an amazing team of people who truly care.

Dani Pridgett via GOOGLE

Harrison Trail Health Campus is top notch! The campus is beautiful and welcoming. It’s is conveniently located right off the highway with many amenities near by. But, more importantly, the team and care is exceptional. The staff is friendly and compassionate. Furthermore, Harrison Trail’s team members are knowledgeable about each one of their patients. And, are great advocates for patients/families; truly wanting the best for the patients in their facility. I highly recommend Harrison Trail if you are looking for an Assisted/Independent Living campus during retirement or are in need of a skilled nursing stay. Harrison Trail Health Campus is a great addition to Harrison and the greater Cincinnati area!

Hellena Johnson via GOOGLE

Such a wonderful place to work with supportive coworkers and upper management! They also provide great opportunities to each employee!

Amanda Wortham via GOOGLE

Nice friendly environment where the residents are the number one priority. I am happy to say I work at Harrison Trail

Leloni Minassin via GOOGLE

Everyone is kind, welcoming, and will go out of the way to help.

Melanie Kramer via GOOGLE

Kelly Shahan via GOOGLE

Billie Addison via GOOGLE

This is a great place to work! The negative comment is probably from someone who was not doing their job!! And you know who you are!!! Love my bosses and coworkers! The staff provide excellent care and the residents are happy. If you are a nurse or aide looking for a job it is a great place to work. Join us!!

Nicole Hopkins via GOOGLE

I love working at Harrison Trail the Staff and management are both amazing everyone helps out and the residents needs are always put first everything we do is for them

By Kris via CARING

My mom is at the Harrison Trail Health Campus Nursing Homes. I have only good things to say about it; we’ve had no complaints. She loves the place, she loves the workers, and she loves the residents. She says everyone is nice and the food is really good. It’s very nice and clean, it’s a newer facility. They have a lot of activities; she joins in on everything. They keep the residents busy basically all day long to keep them out of their rooms, so they’re really out and about in the gathering spaces, or out on a field trip, or outside on one of the many patios.

Tracy Thompson via GOOGLE

Harrison Trails is a wonderful facility to work at. The staff is wonderful and willing to help when they are asked. It is a loving environment and their first priority are their residents. It is always clean. The staff always have a smile and greet others they see in the halls. They are professional. I highly recommend this place for family members.

Keisha Ogle via GOOGLE

Harrison trails is one of the most beautiful facilities out there. They care about their employees and their patients. They take the time to listen to every concern whether it be from the staff or the patients. They take the correct precautions to keep your family members safe and their staff safe as well. Very pleasant place to work and I’m pleased to be apart of a caring, compassionate company.

Jordon Johnson via GOOGLE

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