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At The Heritage we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Heritage Reviews

By Myron via CARING

I toured The Heritage. It was alright, they’re just a little bit more expensive than other facilites. The dining area looked fine. I happened to be there for rehab for my knee so I had a little experience with that place. The food was very good. They had some card games, some church music, and even a preacher on Sundays. My first impression was that it was a little bit elaborate than other places.

Mom by Love Robart via GOOGLE

I am quite pleased with this facility. A relative had an unexpected illness that led to what will possibly be a lengthy stay for rehab in a nursing facility. He has only been here three days, but so far my extended family and I have been treated with respect, the patient’s needs are handled in a timely manner, the staff have interacted with both him and us in a proper, but friendly way, and the food has been top-notch. I like that my relative can obtain the therapy he needs within the same facility, and that his caregivers allow us to participate, instead of treating us like we’re in their way. I was able to walk down and encourage the patient during pt, was encouraged to feed him in the room when he chose not to go to the dining room, and was asked my preference on whether he was showered, etc. The staff also allows him to make the decisions about whether he’ll be placed in his chair or his bed. The rooms are up to date, and have individual hvac units, so the patient’s comfort can be maintained. I don’t know what I could complain about at this point. After the experience with another relative at another medicaid facility for the past 6 years, I’m so grateful that this relative is at this facility!!

Kyle Boster via GOOGLE

By Andrea23 via CARING

My friend is now at The Legacy at The Heritage (The Heritage Estates). It seems like an excellent facility. It is completely lockdown, and my friend is well cared for, but I can take her out anytime we want to. The rooms/apartments are adequate. Regarding the food, I have not tried the food, but what I have seen seems to be excellent. With regards to the staff, they seem very concerned, and they all know her. It is a fairly small facility. I would recommend The Legacy to others.

By Tim via CARING

I really liked The Heritage all around, except for the cost. They offered all kinds of amenities. They keep their residents busy. They get them up out of bed, and they’re participating in activities all day long. I like that, and they had activities that even family could come in and participate in. They have a courtyard. They had private rooms and double occupancy rooms. They’re spacious rooms.

By Craig181501 via CARING

The Heritage has done very well so far in taking care of my relative. It is clean. They call up and keep close contact, and have a close relationship with the patients. They take care of their needs. The room that she is in is very nice. It has one-bedroom. Everything looks fine. They have a nice patio outside for sitting.

By Reviewer#DT0308 via CARING

I did a tour of The Heritage. The staff did a nice job, she showed me several rooms. They were all more than adequate and I was very pleased. They were more spacious than I thought they would be. It has nice bathrooms, walk-in showers, handicapped accessible and all. That was very nice. What I looked at was a one-room. The dining room was very nice. They told me they had bingo and different other social activities, which is nice so that the people living there can get out of the room and go do things. I believe they have someone there that does hair, a beauty shop for them. It has a nice entryway when you go in where you can sit, and a little side room. The staff was really good and more than informative, on a lot of things for me. The facility is very nice.

Michael Manuel via GOOGLE

Hard working resident centered staff!!!

Larry Sampson via GOOGLE

Great place for my mother. Clean, fresh, excellent staff.

Khrista Beckmann via GOOGLE

By Ann via CARING

The Heritage was adequate, but it was not our favorite by any means. When I walked into it I knew it was an assisted living community. The ceilings were low, the rooms were small, and it felt and smelled like you’re in an assisted living place. It was clean, the staff was very personable, but it just had that feel. The hallways were smaller, the windows didn’t let in a lot of light, and it just didn’t meet our standards. It was adequate and it would be an OK place. We had lunch there and the food was very good, but it felt just like a dining room with nothing spectacular about it except for the excellent food. They have plenty of activities like bingo, they have an ice cream parlor, movies, and other standard activities.

Jessica Trinko via GOOGLE

By Tammy via CARING

The Heritage was a nice place, but very expensive — although it was probably a good value for what my grandfather was paying. Rooms were regular-sized, and they did offer in-house physical therapy. My grandfather said the food was good, but he said, for the price, it should be good. They had small rooms that they did activities in and where families could get together.

Todd Bomer (Boomer) via GOOGLE

Heritage is a super, fabulous care facility for our parents that are in need of continuing care and monitoring. The staff is great at what they do, and it shows by their dedication to each and every single individual. An absolute top quality facility.

By Marsha via CARING

My dad stayed at The Heritage for four weeks. He was having to eat with a lot of people with memory issues, and he couldn’t have a conversation without them repeating over and over. He has his full mind, so he didn’t like that. We chose it because it was the only opening in the area. We had no problem with it and everything was fine, but my dad wanted to have a place where he could have normal conversations. The staff was very helpful. I have no problem with my dad going back, and I wish he would have stayed.

Gabrielle Schmucker via GOOGLE

Lauren via GOOGLE

fluffy12ify via GOOGLE

Shantime B via GOOGLE

We love having our loved one there. From rehab to home or long term care the staff has been amazing. The life enrichment program has helped our family member transition and has given them a purpose/independents again.

Lori Gonzales via GOOGLE

By Laurie via CARING

My in-laws were at The Heritage. It was a very nice place. We really like that place. If something happens where my parents will have to come up to be closer to us, that might be what we’ll use, but it just wasn’t in their budget right now. They were really good. It was close to us. However, they had personnel changes. When my mother-in-law will get used to somebody, then somebody else would be there. That bothered her a little bit, but everybody was super there. I can’t really complain about any of that. They were there for assisted living and memory care. My father-in-law was in the Alzheimer’s unit. Overall, they were really good. The food was really good. They weren’t always what my mother-in-law liked and it seemed like there were no diet restrictions at all. In the memory care, they had crafts and stuff like that, which my father-in-law did not do, but they tried to keep them busy, and then assisted living, where my mother-in-law was, they had little piano concerts, they did craft, they had bingo, and they did exercise times, which she enjoyed. She really like that sort of thing. They took them out if they wanted to go to ice cream or to different things. They kept them pretty busy if they wanted to be. However, everything is very expensive.

Bryanne Lee via GOOGLE

Karla Knott via GOOGLE

Abigail Kahle via GOOGLE

Joyce Flanagan via GOOGLE

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