Stonegate Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Stonegate Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Stonegate Health Campus Reviews

Ashley Pomorski via GOOGLE

By A1 place via CARING

My Mom was taken there after breaking a hip. The people dont just do their job they enjoy working with and caring for the people there. My Mom loves the food, loves the people, the place is clean, they have lots of activities, and every one Ive met there is kind and always has a smile. They are always quick to call if Mom is being taken to a Doctors appointment or such things. Sure makes life easier when you know your loved one is taken care of. To all the employees there. Thank you. Bob Jager

Jacob Muir via GOOGLE

So far my uncle has gotten great care here at stonegate great staff receptionist desk n the food is spectacular

Anna Mitchell via GOOGLE

Denise Hoffman via GOOGLE

jolanda mcconnell via GOOGLE

My mother was in Stonegate for a while, the staff shown compassion, and kindness any time we would visit. My mother loved her aides and nurses. Her favorite time at Stonegate was Happy Hour and Bingo. During her final days my mother was placed into a private room. It didn’t matter what time of the day we were there, the staff made sure they were there for us even providing meals. After my mom had passed they didn’t rush us out the door. They allowed for us to spend some time with her and mourn her. Being able to do this helped tremendously. If you are looking for a place for your loved one Stonegate is the best choice.

Elizabeth Badia via GOOGLE

Phyllis K. via GOOGLE

My Mom is presently at Stonegate Campus in Lapeer. I have nothing but praise for this beautiful facility. Staff is very, very friendly, food is excellent. The minute you step in the front door, it’s just a good feeling! You know your loved one is in good hands! God Bless each an everyone employed there and thank you for caring! ❤️

Shawn Shores via GOOGLE

I appreciate the level of care and the open communication from Stonegate staff. Anytime I have questions or concerns, they’re addressed either immediately, or within a reasonable amount of time. I like to know everything that is going on, so I do have a lot of questions, but I’m never treated as though I am wasting anyone’s time. Everyone is always friendly even though they are very busy. In this time when it seems like Covid has taken over everything, I’m glad that Stonegate hasn’t had the number of cases other facilities has. Keep up the good work, Stonegate staff. We appreciate your hard work!

Peggy Robinson via GOOGLE

My mom went to Stonegate. Stonegate relieve alot of my stress by knowing that she was being cared for. There was many activities for to do which the staff encouraged her to join. Stonegate staff cared and treated my mom like family.

David via GOOGLE

Excellent staff and facilities. Great care, PT & OT facility and staff. Serves 3 hot meals every day, with options. Breakfast is order what you want. Nursing staff are friendly, caring and efficient. All Aids go out of their way to assist patients. PA is there 5 days a week, with doctor twice a week for the residents..

Ashley Jones via GOOGLE

My mother in law stayed at Stonegate for a while, she was on Hospice Care at this facility, basically bound to the wheel chair and her bed. She enjoyed BINGO, Happy Hour cocktails, and even made friends with in the facility. She was well taken care of while in the facility. After my MIL passed away, the family was allowed time to mourne and say our good byes. The facility brought food in to us and made sure that we had what we needed. They placed us in a private Hospice room before she had passed so we could be alone with her. We didn’t have any problems with staff while we were in tha facility. My MIL never voiced any negative things either.

Sales Dept via GOOGLE

By Kimberly via CARING

Stonegate Health Campus Assisted Living was very elite in terms of the décor and stuff. I would not be comfortable there. It was just like you felt like you had to be dressed up all the time. For my dad to be in a place like that, is not going to go very well. The staff did a very good job. It was clean, and I like that. It was more of a hospital setting because they had a nurses station, like in the hospitals. When they came for their lunches, they were all served in their rooms. They didnt’ have a cafeteria or a dining room where they would go and have lunch; it was all in their rooms. They would bring the cart down the hall like they do in the hospitals and serve their lunch and stuff. You could smell that the food smelled like hospital food. It didn’t smell like somebody cooking a roast or whatever. I don’t know whether it was the staff’s first time giving the tour or what, but she acted like she’s very nervous. She was having a hard time keeping her mind on track. She just gave us all the pertinent information we needed, but she was a little nervous.

Kim Petrella via GOOGLE

terry prutznal via GOOGLE

my wife was sent there for a short time . she was treated with respect and dignity. the staff was very considerate food was excellent very clean i would recommend to anyone !! do stay away from nursing facilities in genesee county and tuscola county you may not see your loved one like you knew them also stay away from specialty care at mclaren hospital.!! my wife went through hell at all of these places.

Shelby Lee via GOOGLE

FTM Wonders via GOOGLE

By Michelle via CARING

My dad has been at Stonegate Health Campus in Lapper. He’s in rehab there and he’s doing OK. It’s been a very good experience. His room is very nice, he has plenty of space there. The people are also very nice. The staff is very nice and very helpful. I would definitely recommend the place. It’s a very beautiful facility. It’s clean, it’s large, and it has plenty of spaces for everybody to walk around. It has little courtyards where you can go outside. The dining areas are opening up a bit more now. The COVID restrictions are kind of lifting a little bit. They already have tablecloths and little flower vases on the table. It’s really very nice.

Nichole Harrison via GOOGLE

Carla Schueler via GOOGLE

I cant say enough good things about stonegate. The staff went above and beyond taking care of mt husband. The entire staff was wonderful. They understood my work schedule which meant at times I wouldnt get home till late and were more then happy to answer my questions. They took great care of my husband. He was released today and they helped with meds for a month. Made sure his walker got here. I am so grateful for the entire staff especially Rachel his nurse

Enrique Clark via GOOGLE

I want to give a huge thank you to Stonegate of Lapeer and their staff. We had to make the difficult choice of placing my mother in a home when we could no longer care for her. It was a difficult and extremely scary decision, but they exceeded every expectation we could imagine. Not only were they very attentive to the needs of my mother, but of our large family as well. The staff treated my mother as if she was their own, very caring and compassionate. They were never anything less than pleasant and kind. We could not have chosen a better place for our mother to spend the rest of her life. During her end-of-life time, Stonegate’s staff was not only there to comfort our mother, but made sure we were all okay as well. That meant more than I could ever try to explain. Again, thank you Stonegate, you guys are amazing people!

Gretchen Isabeau via GOOGLE

By Barbara via CARING

We are currently on a waiting list for Stonegate Health Campus. My mother has been there before, so I knew what it’s like and she got very good care. I toured again the place the other day and I was very happy seeing it. What I liked the best was there’s an outside enclosed area for my husband with swings, tables, and chairs that the residents can use. The staff was very nice. Their dining area was in this big room where they do their activities. They bring them home-like meals and they just take what they want. It’s more like what they’re used to do at home. They have two different room sizes. When I was there, a group of women were coloring and they had other stuff up that they had colored and done. Sometimes they do cooking classes a little bit, too. Going into the room, there is a box that they bring in with pictures and stuff, so they will recognize that it’s their room.

Wendy Bronson, CEO A New Place to Call HOME llc via GOOGLE

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