The Willows at East Lansing: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At The Willows at East Lansing we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Willows at East Lansing Reviews

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Fantastic above and beyond excellent care for my precious mom. Staff went out of the way to find and make her favorite fish meal. When I needed call button, staff came immediately to help! The Willows respects religious choices! Staff were welcoming to all of us, and even made our visiting pets welcome! This was in 2015, and I still and always will brag about the Willows at East Lansing! ….Gratefully, Joycie

By Vaneza via CARING

The Willows at East Lansing was very nice. The staff member who showed me around was very nice too. The place was just too big for my husband. The apartment I saw looked fine. The place is very new, nicely-decorated, and clean.

Christy Swope via GOOGLE

The Willows is an outstanding place to work. They truly value their employees and put the residents needs above all else. I am honored to work here and love serving the residents each and every day.

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My father was at the Willows of East Lansing for about 7 months and just recently passed away. He absolutely loved it there! The staff are so kind and attentive and the place is clean and very well run! It gave me such peace of mind to know that he was there and happy. I would absolutely recommend the Willows to anyone who’s looking for a place for their loved one!

Ethan Hunter via GOOGLE

The Willows at East Lansing have some of the most professionally trained staff in healthcare that I have met. They care about the residents and give them fantastic programming. Don’t skip them if you are thinking about looking for some place for mom or dad, they care, they rock, they do a great job.

Jeanne Kain via GOOGLE

The Willows provided excellent care for my mother. I could not have asked for more, the staff, the accommodations and the atmosphere were wonderful. I am so thankful for all they did for my Mom.

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Deborah Tews via GOOGLE

Excellent care of my mother, even when she has been very difficult. Clean, well-maintained facility. Friendly and caring staff. Good communication about details large and small with family members. Nice selection of activities and very good food.

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Staci Fillingham via GOOGLE

My grandpa was here and the care he received from the rehab to end of life was amazing! The willows treated him with dignity and respect. Thank you to the staff for keeping him comfortable and helping our family with such a difficult time

chris oconner via GOOGLE

The willows is a wonderful place great staff employee friendly they all work together as a team the director is very friendly as well just overall a great place I would recommend it to anybody That wants their family well taken care of

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Wow! This campus is beautiful along with exceptional care! The staff is wonderful!

By Susan via CARING

The Willows at East Lansing is a lovely building and facility. They were very helpful and looked like they gave very good care. I know the food is good because I’m familiar with their rehab facility. I was impressed. They had a dining room, activity rooms, and nice outside courtyards.

Lorraine Osypczuk via GOOGLE

We ended up having to put both of my parents in The Willows of East Lansing at different times. My mom was in the dementia part and my dad in the main health care building. They were both taken good care of. I would highly recommend The Willows of East Lansing. The staff are all very well trained and wonderful with the patients.

By amy81 via CARING

Very nice workers good food took Care of my father very good patient people

Joe Osypczuk via GOOGLE

I have very high regards for the Willows of East Lansing based on some personal experience. I am somewhat shocked at some of the negative reviews I have read as I find it hard to believe what others are posting -believe me, those experiences did not happen to me. I had a Mother-In-Law that spent a considerable amount of time in the Legacy wing due to her battle with Alzheimer’s. I know that she was difficult for the staff to deal with as the Alzheimer’s brought out the worse in her but they still did everything they could to help her navigate through her ordeal. I stopped in for a visit quite often (as did my wife) and always found her to be well taken care of.Unfortunately, after my Mother-In-Law had passed away, my Father-In-Law also faced a dilemma and had to be admitted into the Long Term portion of the Willows of East Lansing. He was also treated very well by everyone on the staff and enjoyed the attention that was given to him. He really looked forward to the “Happy Hour” that occured weekly. Once again, nothing but good things to say about the facility.I noticed that many comments were made about the food being served at the facility being terrible. We (as well as our other family members) found that to be the direct opposite. We stopped in many times to have a breakfast, lunch or dinner with our loved ones and even took time to visit them during the Sunday brunches. Again, the food was excellent!I currently have two elderly friends that have been staying at the Willows. One is in the Long Term Care area and the other is in the Legacy Care area. Both have been at the Willows for a long time and both are very happy with their care and, they both love the food that is being served.So with all this being said, I would not hesitate to recommend the Willows of East Lansing to any of my friends and family members.

Monica Ortiz via GOOGLE

The willows Legacy is a Great place to have your love one stay . Legacy Dementia unit is a separate building where your love one can have their home away from home . They Treat you and your love ones like family . Legacy has a Great activity program where the activities are used to help their minds and motion . Please stop by and take a tour of this wonderful place . I highly recommend it .

By V.K. via CARING

My mother-in-law has been a resident of the Willows at East Lansing for a year and a half. It’s a nice, very clean facility with nice rooms. The staff is nice, very personable, and the turnover is not high. The meals are pretty good for the most part. They try to have a monthly family gathering where you can do brunch, and overall, we’re happy with the service. She’s in a shared room with a closet that separates the bed, her recliner, and TV console, and she can hang personal pictures in her side of the room. She has a group that plays cards on Saturday nights, a bus can take them out, and she teaches crochet.

Ody Norkin via GOOGLE

Our family has been fortunate to have friends and family reside at both the East Lansing and Okemos Willows over the past few years. I have also been able to compare other facilities since my mother lived with us for her final 12 years and sadly sustained several falls at home during that period (so rehab. each time etc).I can attest that our experience with The Willows has been one of 100% satisfaction. It is an impressive organization. The challenge of moving into a rehab or long term care unit are obvious (and we all need to acknowledge these challenges). But The Willows is truly a class act in dealing with healing and nervous patience, yet the term “caring” is not just a motto here. Also keep in mind that rehab rooms/beds are often hard to come by (just when you need them) but if you are fortunate enough to find availability at The Willows, your family as a whole will be in “good hands”.

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Great staff!! Willing to do a lot to make it more comfortable!

Kathy Mroz via GOOGLE

The Willows at East Lansing has the most caring staff! Highly recommend for Short-Term Rehabilitation, Long-Term Care, Assisted Living or Memory Care.

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