Westlake Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Westlake Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Westlake Health Campus Reviews

Emma pernicano via GOOGLE

Judi Cottrell via GOOGLE

I recently visited Westlake Health Campus and was impressed by the warm greeting I received. The staff is so kind and welcoming !

Kim Penn via GOOGLE

I have been the Director of Environmental Sévices for 8 years at Westlake in Commerce. It has been nothing but a positive experience . I enjoy team building with my staff and love being with the residents. They bring me joy and I feel blessed to work here. This is where I plan to retire from. Thank you Westlake !!!

Doeresa Davis-Freeman via GOOGLE

It’s a great place to work and I love my residents


Damn kids

Bonnie Blaufass via GOOGLE

My stay in rehab at Westlake was a 10! Although I could hardly wait to get back home, the care I got there was wonderful. Especially all the TLC from the aides on the 400 hall.

Chris Comstock via GOOGLE

Dorothy Brown via GOOGLE

My name is Dorothy Brown and I have lived at Westlake Health Campus for 13 months. It is my home and I love it. The nurses and aides are kind and always helpful. There are so many fun activities to do that I cant do them all. I enjoy the ladies at my table and I can honestly call them my friends. I feel so blessed to have found a place to call home. Thank you!!!

cole abel via GOOGLE

Beautiful facility and the staff always seems to have a smile on their face. Admissions team is knowledgeable and more than willing to help. Would recommend to others.


I spent 14 days here after my knee replacement surgery. I found the staff helpful and compassionate. The PT and OT exceptional with 5-6t days training and upbeat therapists. I have many food intolerances and the chef came and spoke to me personally. (i must say fresh vegetables as a choice was not expected and delicious.) The aides were great and work hard to help in whatever way they can.

By Sherry via CARING

My mom moved into Westlake Health Campus. They take really good care of her. The place is very clean. The food is good. Overall, it’s a really good place. My mom’s room is nice. The staff is nice and communicates well with me. The facility is pretty new. I think it’s only a few years old. They have music and bands come in. They do arts and exercise games. It’s in a quiet neighborhood, so things are pretty calm around there.

Andy Coden via GOOGLE

My mom was released from the hospital and I needed to choose a rehab facility fast. I called several and Westlake seemed to be the best fit for my mom. Boy did we luck out!From the moment my mom arrived, everybody there couldn’t have been nicer. We’ve heard worrisome stories about other facilities – neglect, bad attitude, bad therapists, bad food! – but our experience at Westlake was the complete opposite of that. My mom was welcomed by the staff and the residents, and felt comfortable from the start. The care was good, the therapists were great, the staff was nice and attentive, and my mom LOVED the food, LOVED it! My mom improved in large part thanks to Westlake and its staff and after a couple of weeks was able to leave, but she was sad to leave the friends she had made there. The most obvious reason Westlake excels is the positive attitude everyone at Westlake displays at all times. They really hire well there.A special shout-out to Marcie at the front desk. Marcie couldn’t have been more pleasant and thoughtful than she was to my mom and my family. There is no nicer woman on earth – she is truly special – and she really went above and beyond for us all. Thanks for making my mom’s stay so wonderful.

Frances Priestley via GOOGLE

My husband was here at Westlake a few years ago and now I am here for rehab. The OT/PT is fabulous! I am very happy with my care and the staff. I may even move to one of their Independent Living Villas because they are so nice and so are the amenities they offer.

Pink Smoke via GOOGLE

They are extremely kind and helpful. I take care of my grandmother and have for the last 15 years and unfortunately we have been through a lot of different rehabilitation centers,and everyone there where some of the kindest people to both my grandmother and myself. The place is super clean,and just lovely. I would like to shout out the wonderful lady at the front when you walk in Cecile, she was amazing!

Jennifer Matschikowski via GOOGLE

I have worked at Westlake Health Campus for the last year and I love it. All of the staff are kind to each other and loving to their residents. The clinical team have excellent skills and the activities staff put on great programing to bring joy to the residents lives. I would gladly have a family member or loved one come to Westlake because I know they would be in great hands.

Krystal Powell via GOOGLE

Jon Orick via GOOGLE

I’m very happy with the therapy department at Westlake. I call Dan, Lieutenant Dan, like in the movie. He is funny, motivating and helpful. It’s great to have therapy right here so I don’t have to go off campus.

By Greg via CARING

My father was in Westlake Health Campus while he was in rehabilitation, and they had a couple of COVID cases, and they just basically make you aware of it. They make people wear a mask and face shields. They took other precautions, but they didn’t lockdown. It was a nice-looking place, but he didn’t like the food as well as where he’s at now. His room was very comfortable. It was a large room and it was very nice. They were very attentive. He went from not even getting out of bed to being able to use a wheelchair. The therapists were excellent. Every time he pushed a button or the showers, he was getting everything he was supposed to be getting.

Barbara Dell via GOOGLE

I love my friends at Westlake! I feel so lucky to have met such nice people. Also, the staff is so kind and helpful. I enjoy the activities and the outside grounds. I cant wait until its warm again to sit outside in the beautiful garden.

By Rhonda via CARING

My mother-in-law was at Westlake Health Campus for rehab and she really liked it. It’s very easy to find and get into. She liked the staff members. It’s a newer facility, so it’s very nice and clean. The food was very good. They had sing-alongs and bingo.

A Stalter via GOOGLE

Great place to live and rehab. It’s a full continuum of care that you dont have a buy in to. If you are looking they are worth touring!

By Nancy via CARING

I went to Westlake Health Campus. I like it but there was no opening, so that wasn’t even an option. It was very nice and clean. The people that were there appeared to be clean and well taken care of. The staff was very informative. I just talked to one gal. She was very involved. She knew everybody’s name. Anybody who came through the door, she knew who they were. She was very involved with the whole situation. She showed me a pretty roomy room for assisted living. It’s not small. It was a bigger room than I expected. It’s more of a studio that has a separate bathroom, shower, and sink right next to it. Then there’s a bed in there and then they can bring in their own furniture if they want. There were several courtyards, there was a dining room, and there was quite a bit of area where they can come in and get drinks during the day if they want. The place was clean and updated, and there was plenty of staff there cleaning.

Gina Fulgenzi via GOOGLE

I Love my job! I LOVE the residents!!!

Kimberly Kassner-Earley via GOOGLE

My husband use the Westlake facility and so did my mom at different times. They were proficient, attentive, and they showed a lot of compassion and love to both my husband and my mother. There’s nothing better than being able to trust someone with your loved ones. They get the best possible rate in for me!

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