Westport Place Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Westport Place Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Westport Place Health Campus Reviews


father in law was in this facility for respite care through Hoparus. I can not express the lack of professionalism, care and organization. He was there for 2 days and one night. During this time, his meds were not given on time, staff only checked on him once (if that’s what you call stepping into the room and laying eyes on him). My sister stayed with him over night and when it was time for his meds, from his care package, there wasn’t a nurse to be found! For an hour, my sister tried to find the nurse as my father in law was choking on secretions. The next day proved to be no better. We were still having to remind them of med schedules and they couldn’t even complete a simple task of providing a pillow for comfort. Luckily, as I stated before, he was signed up with Hoparus. And they quickly made plans to have him transported to their facility.

By Michael114868550 via CARING

My mother is in Westport Place for her rehab. It is a very nice place. It is a smaller community, and they take good care of Mom. My mom likes the food, and that’s a good thing. They have activities, but I do not know how much my mom has been involved with them because she spends several days of the week in the hospital as well. She is not as active and mobile as she likes to be because she has a pacemaker and several other health issues. The nursing staff does a good job when Mom has an issue there.

By ReviewerFC022521A via CARING

I went to Westport Place Health Campus, then I went somewhere else, and finally I came back to Westport Place. The facility was modern, built within the last fifteen years, had lots of acreage, and you don’t feel closed in. It had a liberal policy about “come as you go, when you want to go, and when you want to come back.” Lots of rooms face the campus side rather than the road side, and it is set well off the road. There were lots of chairs, tables, porches, and places to be indoors, as well as a big rotunda, lots of easily accessible offices, and several dining rooms. On the more residential side, they had several dining rooms and a very nice menu. On the more short-term rehab side, there were spacious rooms, comfortable beds, lots of windows, which are important to me, not that great of a gym, pool tables, and private rooms where you can gather your people and come in. It seemed like they provide excellent nursing care.

Dana Boblitt via GOOGLE

Exceptional! I highly recommend to anyone considering a short or long term stay.

Kellye Hendrix via GOOGLE

Frey F. via YELP

Very clean and manicured grounds and facility. The staff is extremely attentive and friendly, you don’t have to ask for help finding anything someone is always asking if you need anything. The breakfast is outstanding and the clinical staff is very quick to respond to any need. I’m very grateful for all the kind people at Westport place!

Scott Menne via GOOGLE

Front and back off staff were very good with my dad during stays. On top of that, times were somewhat sensitive for family helping care for him. I thought through the whole process, the experience at Westport Health was the right place to be.

Greg Butler via GOOGLE

Extremely clean and well appointed facility with a very diligent and friendly staff. Such a welcoming and caring atmosphere, very thankful for the kind people I met here.

Thomas Rasinen via GOOGLE

louisvillegal via YELLOWPAGES

My parents lived at Westport Place for several monthes in 2012 after my mother broke her hip. The facility was built in 2011. The staff is WONDERFUL — they bend over backwards to care for residents with the utmost respect and are always friendly and helpful to visitors. The therapists are also fantastic. My parents didn’t relish moving into an assisted living facility during her recovery, but thanks to caring and responsible staff, the experience was positive, under the circumstances. The location is also ideal, right off the new Westport exit of the Watterson expressway and five minutes from St. Matthews. WP takes residents on outings, has monthly family brunch, and daily activities for residents such as Wii games, bingo, yoga, arts & crafts, etc. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking assisted-living or rehab and was grateful for everything they did to help our family through this difficult time.

By Barbara109265750 via CARING

It’s been over 60 days since my mother has been in Westport Place, and it was a very good experience. They took care of her very well. The rooms were very nice, and they were single rooms. The staff were very good, and they took care of her needs. She raved about the food. She didn’t have the ability to go to most of the activities, but they had a lot. They had luau, they play cards, and they have crafts. They just need to improve on some of their nursing staff.

By Thomas103157750 via CARING

I have placed my wife at Westport, and we are pretty happy with it right now. It is close to where we live, and it would be easy for me to see my wife and bring her home if I want to. I am happy with the services, and I feel good with the staff. The place is superior and new. She tries to participate in everything that they have. They go out to restaurants, have movies, play bingo, and play other games, and she wishes that they had more, but they do a nice job about that. My wife is OK to live in assisted living, but she has some condition in which she cannot use her legs. She can’t get in and out of bed herself. She basically needs a 24hr a day attendant for things like going to the bathroom and going to bed.

Lorena Pleasant via GOOGLE

Good place to work , highly recommend this place

By Beverly via CARING

My mother-in-law was in Westport Place. It was a nice facility with nursing care around the clock and nice rooms. Every second Sunday of the month, they have a brunch for the family, and my mother-in-law enjoyed it so much. They had wine and cheese on Fridays, and they would take residents out to various places, like doctor’s appointments. The food was average.

Corrie Lynn via GOOGLE

louann55 via YELLOWPAGES

I just got home after almost three weeks in rehab after surgery to place an inter medullary spike and three screws in my fibula after a tib-fib fracture. I already don’t walk because of a spinal cord infection five years ago. Luckily I didn’t break my “good” leg. All of my previous rehab experiences were as a hospital in-patient. I was very upset to have to leave the hospital this time. But I was wrong. My experience at Westport Place was totally positive. The facility is comfortable and clean. The therapists, nurses and aides all very good at what they do, and just plain nice. I felt very well taken care of. I would go there again and recommend it to others.

Tara Graber via GOOGLE

I have been working here for over a little of two months, and I have nothing but great things to say about this place. Especially being behind the scenes and seeing the big picture of this company, they are extraordinary with service when it comes to nursing homes!

Christina bruner via GOOGLE

Amazing Place!!

Jane Birckhead via GOOGLE

Shawn Braden via GOOGLE

You want to work here. They pay well, the benefits are amazing, and the staff is friendly. Wife works in the kitchen and her benefits are better than mine.

Karla Snoody via GOOGLE

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