The Willows at Hamburg: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At The Willows at Hamburg we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Willows at Hamburg Reviews

Pete Alberti via GOOGLE

Great community for Lexington. They always seems to have activities for the residents as well as the community. Always happy to recommend the Willows.

Courtney H. via YELP

The amazing compassionate care at The Willows at Hamburg surpasses any I have seen or experienced. The building is beautiful and the family environment is so warm and loving. I would utilize the services of The Willows at Hamburg for myself or my family anytime. Awesome place!!!

Matt Haynes via GOOGLE

Rebecca Dailey via GOOGLE

Mallory Runnels via GOOGLE

Had a wonderful time at the Willows!! Great staff and great food!! Thanks!!

mary betts via GOOGLE

The residents is what makes you five star …over the years there have been wonderful workers but most are gone the direction has definitely changed but the residents still get a five star from me

Roberta Ratliff via GOOGLE

Sally Fitch via GOOGLE

Wes Terry via GOOGLE

My mother-in-law was a resident of the skilled nursing wing at The Willows – Hamburg for about a year in total. She spent a few months there, then was able to come home only to return at a later date. We were very pleased with the level of care and compassion she received while there. Everything was not 100% all the time, but in comparison to some of the facilities we visited before entering her at The Willows, and some of the horror stories we heard about other facilities and the care provided, we cannot imagine there was a better place to meet her needs. Maybe some as good, but none better. We were very pleased with the cleanliness of the facility, the variety of services offered, from hair salon to physical therapy and more, as well as the friendly and efficient staff. Can’t say enough about The Willows at Hamburg. If there should ever come a time to consider institutional care for yourself or a loved one, give The Willows at Hamburg very serious consideration.

Mari Burgess via GOOGLE

My mother was there from 9/2014 – 7/2015. NO better staff, residents or care! I never had to worry about her for one moment. They always kept me informed and part of her care team. Several staff became family, Tiffany, Rebecca, Danielle, Vivian, Brenda, Betty, Kevin, Jeremy, Pam, Peggy, Joann and I could keep going! That was our second home for a period of time and still have a soft place in my heart! I am proud and sad to say she took her last breath there with us and her extended family and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Phyllis Huff via GOOGLE

By Zachary via CARING

My father was in The Willows at Hamburg. It’s a very clean facility, with nice, very attentive staff members, good rooms, good service, and it was just all around great. They had some special brunches on Sundays where they encouraged family members to come, and they had some group activities. The food was very good.

By Robbyn via CARING

I was at The Willows at Hamburg and I liked it really well. My room was a good size and they kept it very clean, and the bathroom was always clean. The staff was absolutely excellent and I always got my medicine on time and if I needed help with anything, someone was there within a minute. They have a very long list of things like bingo, puzzles, and board games. It seemed like they have a lot of people coming in and playing music. It looked like they were very busy with activities. They were very cooperative. They knew I was in an extreme amount of pain and they wouldn’t push me. They would give me a massage and if I was having a bad day, they would come to my room and do therapy rather than have me go to the therapy department. It was the cleanest place I have ever been. Everybody was extremely nice and eager to help you. It was a nice place to be.

By Caring Daughter/ via CARING

I could not be more pleased with the care my Mother received during her rehab periods.The staff is/was so kind to her. The activities were wonderful and kept her busy during this time and made her stay much more pleasant. The food was prepared for her and she received treats anytime she asked for them. I cannot be more pleased and would highly recommend.

John Erwin via GOOGLE

Great food and really friendly staff members. Always great service from the dining staff and the nurses are the best in town. Always recommend the staff at Yhe Willows

By Anonymous119875450 via CARING

The Willows at Hamburg is a very clean, very good facility. The food quality is great. The staff is attentive and friendly, and baby my mom.

Jerod Outdoors via GOOGLE

Great admin, great director of nursing , great staff. Beautiful place! Expensive private pay. Loved the social worker and nurse heather. She treated my dad as her own.

Betty Vickers via GOOGLE

My sister was at The Willows in The Legacy Building. I knew the minute I went in the Legacy our prayers had been answered. A young lady named Danielle took us to see the building. She knew the name of each resident and their story. The building is beautiful and clean. The nurses and Techs, the cooks and and house keepers were awesome. We fell in love with the staff and the residents. Once there was an issue with a nurse who should not have been with Alzheimer’s patients. She was gone next day. They went riding in their bus, had awesome recreation staff. Time came when my sister was dying, Hospice took over her care with legacy staff. They treated my sister so beautifully I get tears. The last day, everything went beautifully. Staff that was off came to be with us. Tina, Jordon, and Michelle held me and Cheryl her daughter. Jordon cleaned her up and I walked back in. Jordon said I hope you don’t mind but I shaved her legs because I know Margie would want to look good. Precious girls all of them. Keisha,Sally, Belinda, Christian,Tracy,the cooks, all were so good with her. The nurse on duty that day was precious. We gave her Margie’s big Tiger. I hope you see The legacy is a good place to take your loved one. As they change they become rascals and go in others rooms and do some silly things. Things they would never do before. I can tell you this illness is so sad to watch. Your heart will break but when it ends it is a blessing. I know I have left off some names, but you all know Cheryl and I love you and Thank you.

By lovemymumsie via CARING

My mother is living there currently on Medicare days. Her improvement in mobility and spirit have greatly improved. The staff is very caring and kind. They have wonderful activities throughout the day and the food there is very good. My mother is treated like the queen she deserves to be. I cannot yet speak about the difference between care for Medicaid patients at the Willows at Hamburg or the Legacy, but from the places I have visited and the stories I have heard, this place is the very best in town that isn’t totally private pay.

Jo Bisk via GOOGLE

Friend spent several weeks there. Very impressive level of care and professional work.

James Millard via GOOGLE

This rating is ONLY for the Legacy Memory Unit — which is a dedicated and caring operation. The rating for Skilled Care would prompt an Attorney General investigation for abismal neglect (we found my mother, who was on a mechanical menu, at 3 p.m. in bed naked with an untouched corned beef sandwich on her tray! It’s as if two different companies were managing these two affiliated facilities! Also, watch their billing practices! We granted automatic withdrawal — and they billed TWICE the authorized amount, causing several tax checks to bounce. Willows management made good on the penalties, but we had to bare the consequences. My mother died in September with a $10,000 pending bill. The following month, we received a refund of less than $200.

Judy Martin via GOOGLE

Deborah Lane via GOOGLE

My mother lived at the Willows for over two years. As her health declined, the staff helped ease the transitions needed for more extensive assistance. At every step, they were so kind and professional. They met my mom’s needs for care and security, as well as my concerns. I have recommended Willows of Hamburg for those needing short term rehab, or long term care.

By lsa333 via CARING

Loved one has been there for going on 3 years. At 1st OK but didn’t last long. 3 Directors in last 3 yrs that I know of..nursing care skelton, weekend care, practically none, food terrible. These comments come directly from a current resident that asked to be moved. . RN care the same and other caregivers.

By evieneetie via CARING

We moved my mother-in-law into this nursing home almost 6 weeks ago. She is a Hospice patient and has progressively needed more care and attention. We could not be more pleased with this facility and its staff. My mother-in-law feels safe and well cared for. She is dressed appropriately, checked on regularly, kept clean and fed whatever she is able to eat. The staff are very kind and caring and the response time after the call button is pushed is very fast. The facility is clean, well furnished, cheerful and there is no “nursing home” smell! Staff all seem to be very happy to be working at The Willows. We have not met a single person with “attitude.” We can’t say enough at this point about how pleased we all are and we dreaded the scenario of having to put my mother-in-law into a nursing home. It really turned out to be the best decision. No regrets.

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