Morrison Woods Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Morrison Woods Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Morrison Woods Health Campus Reviews

Connie Clary via GOOGLE

My mother lived there 3 years until she passed. She was in the memory care unit and as she started failing, was moved to the Health Center. The memory care unit is amazing! They work constantly with the residents, are given amazing meals and snacks. They are kind, compassionate, have a great sense of humor, patient, caring, loving caretakers. They constantly kept me updated on every step of moms journey there. The entire facility knew mom, cared about her and for her. There are so many opportunities for fun, laughter, music, art, exercise and mental stimulation with puzzles, games, and a variety of people who come in to work with them. They have everything you need there and will make sure your loved one gets what they need. They became an extension to my family and my friends. Dr Spangler was a huge help with moms anxiety and the trips to Lebanon Hospital were very helpful as well. Dr Baharmi was great! I got assistance and help with every thing i needed. As mom got worse, they helped me with hospice, finding the right one for me, always offered help and checked on me to see if I needed anything myself. Seasons Hospice was wonderful! Near the very end, I felt totally supported and cared for. They kept a cart with snacks and many different kinds of drinks, along with any request for meals that I needed. I didn’t have to leave mom. The kitchen staff and maintenance staff are wonderful! There is no place like Morrison Woods Health Campus. I’ll always be so thankful for every single person I met there. They work as a team, from the Director to the social worker, office ladies, receptionist and nursing staff etc., they all work towards the benefit of your loved one. There is a once a month family buffet that I encourage you to attend, the food is wonderful and it’s a chance to do something special with your loved one. They do a beautiful job inside and outside with the building and flowers. Please consider them, come for a tour, you won’t be sorry.

By Nancy via CARING

Morrison Woods Health Campus is excellent. My mother moved into this community, and I would just tell you that the care is excellent, it’s an excellent facility. We’ve not been there very long. I just know that I have had no negative experience. They are very helpful, they’re very kind, and they’re very attentive. I can’t tell you about the food because I don’t eat there. I know they have bingo, they have exercises, and they have crafts, but we haven’t been there that long to be able to give you any details. They have a library, they have housekeeping, her phones are included, and her TV is included, it’s all-inclusive.

Anna Cosgrove via GOOGLE

Best rehab and nursing facilitie around

Bill Elliott via GOOGLE

My mother was a resident at Morrison Woods for many years. I love the care that they provided my mother. She has since passed but I still volunteer because I love the community and the people of Morrison Woods.

Mandy Mixed Media Queen 2 via GOOGLE

By ML’s Family via CARING

It’s difficult to place a loved one in a nursing home. We were faced with that in July of 2016. We tried to care for mom ourselves but it was impossible to give her the care she needed. We searched online and read the state reports and then we visited different nursing homes. We decided Morrison Woods was the best place for her. It turned out to be wonderful. She loves the staff, the food, the atmosphere….everything. We sleep at night without worry (we weren’t able to relax and sleep well for a long time before she became a resident there.) The staff is amazing. Each department, and each individual, goes above and beyond their duties. We can’t begin to tell you just how caring and warm the staff is. Mom calls it home. If you need nursing home care for a loved one, we can truthfully say that Morrison Woods is the best place we found. Fourteen months later they have proven themselves to be the best.

Cheyenne Waddell via GOOGLE

Addie Taylor via GOOGLE

Nurses are loving always ready to give someone medicine . I think that Morrison woods is perfect .

spydareyes via GOOGLE

My mother was there and everyone and everything was like a five star hotel. Then in 2011 I was there for about 5 weeks amazing.

Nurse Bubblegum via GOOGLE

Did my clinical here, they are amazing. Love this place!!

Tina Hollowell via GOOGLE

Judy Pyles via GOOGLE

My brother has been there since April 2020. At first it was just for rehab he had lost his wife of 62 yrs. and depression and being unable to find enough home health care (due to covid) . became an obstacle. His Children all live and work in other states so I am his sister snd I am 74 so I knew I could not be able to take care of him properly. That is where Morrison woods staff stepped in saw our distress and reached not only to My brother but to his family as well with options to freely choose. First thoughts was their Condominiums beautiful avoidable for him. But as he progressed in his rehab and with great communication with staff nurses rehab staff he decided on trying assistant living for a few weeks. weeks turned into months he got to know everyone met new people( not easy for him) One day I walked in and he said : Everyone is so good to me I have help at the touch of a button , good food I feel safe” you have no idea the load that took off of my heart and mind. Be cause I felt quiltguiltabout not taking him home. So I Cannot give praise to each and every single Staff member Nurse Cook Server Aid Matinence. Everyone! Every family it takes a Village you are my Brothes Village! Than you!

By Mary via CARING

My mother lived in Morrison Woods Health Campus, and I also toured the place just last week. It is a beautiful place and a very nice campus. The people that run it are very nice too. They’re very caring, and I had no complaints with them. They’re outstanding, because the fact that they were under a lot of pressure with COVID, they did the best they could possibly do, I’m sure. This last year, they didn’t have many activities. They brought the meals to the rooms, which they had to do, but they have a beautiful dining room normally, and very good food normally. Then they had things like a cakewalk, happy hours on Fridays, and entertainment for the people on Friday evenings with mixed drinks, like wine and soft drinks. Those were all cancelled because of COVID, but I think they’re getting back to it now. It’s out in the country, not in a big city. There’s grounds around it, so there aren’t huge buildings or anything. They have an excellent therapy group, a nice parking lot, and they have a bus that used to take them wherever they could go. Their rooms are all one floor. It’s just one of the best. As far as the price goes, I would give them an outstanding rating all the way around.

By Karen via CARING

I always liked Morrison Woods Health Campus. That’s where my mom stayed before she went home. They’re one of the most expensive places, and they’re kind of a large community. My mom has been all over their levels of care, but she was just in the skilled nursing part of it a year ago. Everybody says that the food was the best there. I also find the staff to be pretty attentive. It kind of depends which wing you’re on, but I think they are all OK for her. As far as I could see when I was there and observing, they responded really quickly. When there’s a problem, the administration takes care of it, and they seem to be very accommodating, whether it would be moving furniture, getting something fixed, or whatever. I think the facility is kept pretty clean, too. Something I noticed in that particular place was that you don’t ever notice a urine smell or any odor when you go in. Morrison Woods is a very classy place, and I never noticed any problem with anything when we stayed there.

Shawn Cosgrove via GOOGLE

Rock Roll via GOOGLE

My Mother spent a cumulative total of about 2 years in the facility. Staff were friendly and competent and the facility is clean and free of the typical odor you sense in care facilities. The food and even the environment around meals is fabulous. These folks all do a great job from top to bottom.

By Jackie28 via CARING

We liked Morrison Woods, but they didn’t have a room available at the time we were placing my mom. I like the fact that they had Medicaid there and I wouldn’t have to move mom from one facility to another because they have continuing care. They also have an Alzheimer’s unit. The room sizes were great. The staff there was very, very pleasant. I know someone who does the activities there; I know her personally. A lot of their activities don’t reach my mom’s standards because she is still able to walk. They had a buffet set up. It looked very, very nice. It’s a very, very nice facility.

Cindee Cox via GOOGLE

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