Waterford Place Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Waterford Place Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Waterford Place Health Campus Reviews

Shanon Forker via GOOGLE

Waterford Place and their Legacy building have a very caring staff. Always meeting the needs of the residents and making them feel right at home!

By Pat via CARING

My friend was at Waterford Place Health Campus. The food was good. The nurses were very nice. The staff was always available and wonderful. My friend was given physical therapy and did great there. I didn’t see anything wrong with them. They kept the place up as good as possible. It was nice and clean and didn’t smell like pee.

By Gary11 via CARING

We opted for Waterford Place Health Campus for my mom because of various reasons. First, it had different divisions for rehabilitation. The residents were segregated depending on their needs. Another, the staff seemed interested, professional and well-trained. The building was also nicely decorated and spacious.

Brutally Lauren via GOOGLE

Eric Willhite via GOOGLE

My grandmother lived here for several years and the care that she received was always good. One of the best things that this facility has to offer is the once a month Sunday brunches where you can come in and eat with your family member for free! Thank you Waterford!

By Anonymous via CARING

Waterford Place had a small number of units. We didn’t see a room because they were all booked up when we went there. There were group activities that were organized by the community. They were going out to lunch to a nearby restaurant. I only met one staff member, and she was nice. The location was fine. The price was expensive, but they’re all expensive.

Judith Arnett via GOOGLE

My mother spent the last six months of her life at Waterford Place. It was a gift from God that we found such a place. When you walk inside the facility, you would never know that you are in a nursing home. It doesn’t have the smell of illness, everything is clean, and it seems more like a hotel. Everyone I dealt with was wonderful. The food is wonderful. During my mother’s last few days, the management and staff went out of their way to accommodate me, so that I could stay with her, treating me as a special guest. I can’t say enough about how kind everyone at Waterford Place is.


We went to Waterford Place Health Campus, and what I liked about their memory care is it’s in a completely separate building. I went there two different times and I saw both assisted living and memory care. Waterford had the most nursing staff dedicated to the people, so more care and higher-level skilled nursing care.

By Patca45 via CARING

Has been such a relief having my father in this facility. He was taken care of extremely well. I would highly recommend Waterford Place. The care was outstanding. To the kitchen staff, nurses aides and nurses, THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK ALL OF YOU DO!

Laura Hileman via GOOGLE

Caring and compassionate staff, beautiful building and the food is great too!

Marites Dela Torre via GOOGLE

it’s really great…and very beautiful place ?

Heong Jang via GOOGLE

very nice..

By cltrent via CARING

Waterford Place is a great facility for those nearing the end of their time with us. The staff was always exceptional and welcoming. They have treated my family, both those living there and those visiting, with respect and care. They have even allowed us to come on holidays and have (rather large) gatherings and celebrate together. My grandmother died the day after Christmas in 2008 and we were able to have a nice family dinner and gift exchange with her the night before. The facilities themselves are very nice and convenient for patients. The location is towards the northeast end of the city, which was very convenient for my family. It was also a short drive to the hospital, should anything happen to a patient or if there was an appointment they had to make. The one downside to this facility was a certain faculty member who was not very welcoming or nice to my family. She would not speak to my grandmother (the patient) and often ignored us. I do believe this person had a past with one of my family members, but she should not have let that interfere with her work.

Heather Hammond via GOOGLE

Kelly Brown via GOOGLE

Rehab and long term care facility. Alzheimer’s unit. Caring staff, clean rooms, outdoor areas for guests, nice dining room, quiet location.

By Gwen via CARING

Waterford Place Health Campus was very nice. The staff was amazing. The cafeteria was more like an Italian bistro. The only thing I didn’t like was that they only have a single room.

By Dorothy158376 via CARING

The Waterford was very nice, and the dining facilities and the food were excellent. However, nursing homes are understaffed. The staff who gave the tour was very nice and very friendly. They had a program going on at that time.

Shirley Watson via GOOGLE

By John E. via CARING

I’m living at Waterford Place, and it’s been fine. The staff member was very kind, patient, and concerned. My apartment is very nice, it’s a duplex, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, with a garage, and it’s brand new. They have bible study, we go out to eat at least once a month, there’s social time every Friday afternoon, and different times during the week they play cards.

By Carolyn via CARING

We were over at Waterford Place Health Campus. A friend of ours from church was in there, and they seemed to take good care of him. We’d go in and say hi to him after Sunday service. It was clean, when we visited, he’d invite us to stay and eat dinner with him, and they’d have a nice little buffet where you could get your meat, potatoes, vegetables, and dessert, everything we could eat, but this was all before the Corona virus. I met the staff in the lunchroom, they would come out, change out the food, and keep everything clean. They seemed friendly.

Lisa Ellison via GOOGLE

My mom (Judy Herman) spent several weeks in rehab at Waterford Place last fall after a hospitalization, and then for the last eight months of her life this year. Our family was always warmly welcomed by staff, and I enjoyed doing activities with her. The Waterford bus driver took her to doctor appointments, which made it easy for me to just meet her at the doctor’s office. The COVID restrictions kept me from visiting for months, and during that time, staff members reached out every week to report on Mom and ask if WE needed anything. I appreciated their care for the whole family. As soon as visits were allowed again, the staff did everything possible to keep us comfortable. The food was absolutely delicious, and for the months when Mom didn’t have much to look forward to, she loved the meals. Staff members placed bird feeders outside of each resident’s window, giving residents something else to look forward to and discuss with family. We were allowed to remain in Mom’s room around the clock for the two days before she died, and MANY staff members came by to talk to her in her sleep or caress her face or tell us that they had prayed daily with Mom. They also comforted the family and treated Mom’s body with respect after she passed away. The nurses and physical therapy staff were excellent, especially with her wound care. I highly recommend Waterford Place to anyone looking for complete physical, emotional, and spiritual care for their loved one.

By Brenda via CARING

I’ve placed my mom in Waterford Place. Because of COVID, I have no idea what the food is like. My mom is in memory care, so we do activities just to keep them busy. We can’t do anything that has to do with usage of your cognitive abilities. I thought the room was fairly spacious for a single person. Dining area is quite large.

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