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Gift Ideas For Your Senior Loved One

December 11, 2017


By Team Trilogy

It’s hard enough buying gifts for those who give you a Christmas list, but what about that special senior in your life who insists they have everything they could ever want? We know that you want to get is important to you, so to help ease the stress of your holiday shopping, below are five great gift ideas for the senior in your life.

Make Them a Mixtape!
The art of the mixtape may not be cool to your teenager, but creating a mix of your favorite songs, or songs that remind you of memories you share with your loved one, can be the perfect gift! Music speaks to the heart, and can serve as a source of inspiration, relaxation, and happy reminiscences. If your loved one is on an Alzheimer’s or dementia journey, music can help calm them if they’re feeling overwhelmed, or connect them with joyful memories.

Warm Them Up With a Blanket
If you’ve mastered the art of crocheting or knitting, this could be the perfect way to put your skills to use. If you’ve never tried your hand at either, this could be the perfect time to try! Does the idea of crocheting or knitting fill you with fear or apprehension? Don’t worry, just check out Etsy to find countless specially made, snuggly blankets and throws that can warm your loved one’s heart as well as their body.

Introduce Them to Useful Tech
Handheld tech devices are more user-friendly than ever, and your loved one will delight in all of their easy-to-use features! Using tablets, they can keep up with their friends on Facebook. With e-readers, they can carry around all of their favorite books in one place. With mp3 players, they can listen to the mix you made them (or virtually any album they like)!

Share Special Memories with a Scrapbook or Photo Album
Some of the most precious gifts we are given are our friends and family members. Gather up pictures from your archives and create a scrapbook or photo album that your loved one can share with their friends or savor in peaceful solitude. Accompany your pictures with written memories or quotes, and your gift will serve as a permanent reminder of the times you have enjoyed together and the love you still have for one another.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Gift Card
To many, gift cards seem too impersonal to serve as a Christmas gift for someone they care so much about. However, by putting some thought into your gift card purchase, you can treat your loved one to dinner at their favorite restaurant, delight them with a sweater from their favorite store, or provide an opportunity for them to enjoy themselves with their friends. If you get a card that can be used as cash, write a list of fun ways your loved one can use the card to enjoy themselves.

No matter what your gift is, if it comes from the heart, it will be cherished. If you’re stumped as to where to start your search, below are some reputable websites where you can find great gifts for everyone on your list!

Amazon – this site has millions and millions of gifts to choose from, complete with customer reviews and speedy shipping!

Greater Good – When you purchase a product from this website, a portion of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice! Talk about feeling good while you give!

Given Goods – Each product includes information about the artisan as well as the cause you are supporting with your purchase!

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