Physical Activity Program

At Trilogy, we know that physical and cognitive exercise is vital to wellness! That’s why we offer a variety of activities every day that are dedicated to keeping our residents’ bodies and minds in the best shape possible.

Keeping It Sharp

Our goal is to keep our residents’ minds sharp, so that they can continue living life to the fullest. They are provided trivia and cognitive games on a daily basis and may participate in activities such as reminiscing, spelling bees, computer applications, poetry reading and writing, book clubs and sensory and brain fitness programs. Montessori or other cognitive programming is also available for those with cognitive impairment.

Physical Activity Programming

Residents are encouraged to participate in physical hobbies at our campus at least three times a week. A number of classes and clubs are available such as strength training, yoga, Tai Chi, dancing, walking clubs, wellness seminars and more.

Daily Rhythms

This is a therapeutic program designed for our residents with cognitive impairment. It responds to the needs of our residents by providing meaningful activities that are of the appropriate degree of difficulty. Learn more about how this is incorporated into our Memory Care program.