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As families grow in different directions, the roots remain the same.

We encourage our employees to provide Customer Service Excellence and exceed the expectations of every customer! Check out some of our Stars!  


Mildred N. recently turned 104 years old. Kristin Rowland, our Life Enrichment Director at St. Andrews, came in on her day off with her personal laptop to give Mildred an extra special birthday gift. She helped Mildred Skype with her son who lives hundreds of miles away. Mildred had not seen her son in several years and was overcome with joy. Mildred’s daughter was also present during this amazing Skype session, making it one big happy family reunion. Thank You, Kristin, for always going above and beyond to make our residents happy, and thanks to Gwen Reverman, ED at St. Andrews Health Campus in Batesville, IN, for sharing such an inspiring Customer Service Moment!


Team members say that working with Paul Warwick, LEA, has been such a blessing. He really cares about doing everything it takes to create an inspiring atmosphere for our residents. Recently, when residents expressed that they wanted to have a hot dog roast outside around a campfire, Paul had a great idea! Paul invited the residents to his house, and they had a hot dog roast over his fire pit! He also prepared side dishes and led the residents through a special craft before they returned to the campus. This is just one example of his numerous contributions to our campus since he began working here almost four months ago. Thank you, Paul, for being wonderful example of LBE and providing wonderful customer service! Thanks to Ellen Tocco, LED at WoodBridge Health Campus in Logansport, IN, for submitting this great Customer Service Moment.


Emily Radabaugh, RN, is the epitome of a true servant leader. She has a caring soul, sharp mind and exhibits natural leadership. There is no question that our residents have a deep trust in her. That trust was made even more apparent when one of our residents’ husbands approached Emily about a proposition. Our resident, Peg, had a son who was about to get married in Chicago. While we tried to accommodate this request at the campus level, we were unable to facilitate it. Due to Emily’s kind heart, she volunteered everything: her time, transportation, lodging, meals – you name it, just to ensure Peg could be at the wedding. Thank you, Emily, for making such an impact on our residents, and thanks to Ashley Brough, AED at The Heritage in Findlay, OH, for sharing this Customer Service Moment!


We would like to say a special thank you to Kristina Jones, LEA, at Aspen Place Health Campus for making a 90th birthday such a success for one of our residents and his family members. Recently, resident Norman C. became ill and had to be hospitalized. As a result, he and his family decided to move his 90th birthday celebration from September to July. Norman had invited over 100 family and friends to celebrate this special time with him, and his party was all set to take place at his family farm in Napoleon, IN. To make schedules work and to ensure Norman could make his event, Kristina Jones graciously assisted Norman and his family by driving to Cincinnati to pick Norman up and take him to his family farm for the celebration. And what a celebration it was! Thank you, Kristina for making this wonderful celebration a possibility, and thanks to Monica Ogden, ED at Aspen Place Health Campus in Greensburg, IN, for submitting this Customer Service Moment.