Live a Dream

Live a Dream

Our Live a Dream program demonstrates our compassionate commitment to our residents and senior citizens in the communities in which our campuses operate. Our health campus leaders are encouraged to identify and grant the wishes of our residents on a regular basis. Wishes are granted in a number of ways, through partnerships with organizations like Never Too Late and local businesses, as well as through the generosity of our campus team members.

Cobblestone Crossings Resident Lives a Dream!

Helen D. a 92-year-old assisted living resident at Cobblestone Crossings in Terre Haute, IN., recently received the surprise of a lifetime. Helen is a huge racing fan, and her favorite driver is Tony Stewart. Staff at the campus had heard that Tony would be in town, and, aware of Helen's dream, they knew they had to get her to the race and meet him! Tickets were purchased and, with the help from several staff members, signs were created which read: "92 Years Old – My Wish is to Meet Tony Stewart,” and “Tony Stewart’s Biggest Fan.”

Helen's caregivers packed up a cooler, loaded Helen on the campus bus and took off to the race track! Helen was so excited and smiled the whole way there. She explained that "Tony is from Columbus, Indiana, and when he goes home to visit, his first stop is at the local DQ to get a chocolate milkshake." She also shared that she always went to the race track with her husband, who passed away 10 years ago, and this was her first trip back to the track since.

Upon arrival, the group got front-row parking and headed towards the grandstands. After settling in, one of Helen's caregivers approached Tony's girlfriend and pit crew to explain their visit to the track. When it was discovered that Tony agreed to meet Helen, her caregivers whispered in her ear that she was going to meet Tony. She smiled so big! Helen loved watching the race and said "I love it all - sounds and all." She clapped and cheered "GO BABY GO!" throughout the race, and she would hold her signs up. The crowd loved her signs!

Finally, the race was finished and Tony made his way out of the car. When Helen saw him, she said "Tony! Come here Tony." He came right over and spent about 15 minutes with her, including signing her poster. Tony was extremely nice, and the look on Helen's face was priceless. Helen doesn't know it yet, but Tony's team is sending her a care package! There were people around and everyone was so jealous of Helen. It was amazing! Helen stated, "Well he’s as nice as I thought he was! I can’t believe that you all made it happen, and I still can’t believe I met my Tony Stewart!

It was an honor for the staff at Cobblestone Crossings to make this wish come true for Helen!

White Oak Health Campus Makes Dreams Come True!

Carol, a resident at White Oak Health Campus, had a special wish for both herself and her cousin, Shirley.  The ladies have always been very close and have experienced some serious health issues in the past few years.   Shirley recently suffered a stroke and is now utilizing a wheelchair.  When Shirley came to visit Carol with her boyfriend in tow from Oregon, Carol was so thrilled to see her and meet Shirley’s husband-to-be. 

When Carol found out that they were planning to get married in Oregon and she would not be able to go to the wedding, she asked for a wish.  That wish was to have her cousin get married here so that she could attend. Staff at White Oak jumped into action! Two days later, at 5:00 p.m., we hosted a beautiful wedding with lots of tears and smiles.  It was the talk of the campus! 

When the ceremony began in the courtyard, we had residents lined to view from the windows.  Our bus driver, Jeff, who is also a Baptist minister, performed the wedding ceremony.  The beautiful weather, flowers, balloons, delicious food and cake created the ambiance. Carol’s thank you note simply read, “thank you so much for making my wish come true!”

Covered Bridge Health Campus Grants Special Wish!

 In 1960, Arthur P. started the Star Promenaders Square Dancing Club in Seymour, Indiana.  He called for the square dancing club for 40 years and stepped down from calling in 2000.  He and his wife, Mable, danced almost every Saturday night for 25 years. Arthur and Mable haven’t been able to dance with the Star Promenaders for a while now, so staff at Covered Bridge Health Campus wanted to help the couple to again feel a connection to the special group that once was such a big part of their lives.

Arthur and Mable were recently reunited with the Promenaders at Covered Bridge Health Campus.  The Star Promenaders Square Dancing Club visited and performed for Covered Bridge residents, which included special words to the group from Arthur and Mable P.   

 “This was a wonderful evening for me!  I really enjoyed myself,” exclaimed Arthur.

Springview Health Campus Goes Golfing!

Springview Health Campus resident, Anzel L., was a member of Lost Creek Golf Club and wanted to enjoy another golf outing like he did in the good ol’ days.  Anzel expressed that golf was such an important part of his life, so several Springview staff members and their spouses got together and created their own golf team. Anzel played the full course then headed to the clubhouse with the guys.  Upon entering, Anzel was greeted with applause as his longtime friends honored his tenacity.  What a day full of memories and new adventures!

St. Mary Healthcare Helps Resident Live a Dream

There is a Chinese Proverb that says “A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.” When I read that, I thought of one of our residents who really loves to read, but her physical incapacities have limited her ability to even manage holding a book any longer. This proverb reiterates why reading is so important to her - it is truly an escape from the prison of her bed.

When I asked her if there was anything that would make her days better, she said she really wanted a Kindle. She was thrilled when we were able to grant her wish of, not only a brand new 3G Kindle, but also a gift certificate to buy some books of her choice. Finally, she was not only able to read a book, but she was also able to shop for it herself!! - Donna Littleton, Resident Activity Director