Creative Expressions


There’s an artist in each of us, and our Artisans program encourages each resident to find their unique creative outlet. Whether through painting, photography, jewelry making, ceramics or anything else we can possibly think of, artistic expression is strongly encouraged in our campuses, and the results are amazing! We are proud to host an art show each year in order to display our artisans’ work.

Music to My Ears

Music is a medium that can awaken, motivate, calm and even encourage us. It also ties us to some of our most cherished memories. The impact that music has on our overall well-being cannot be underestimated. We provide opportunities to not only listen to, but also participate in the making of musical expressions. Throughout the week, our residents experience music in a variety of fun and exciting ways, from enjoying entertainers, including resident performers, student musical groups, and resident and staff choirs, or even participating in karaoke or one of the many musical activities we offer.