Living With Purpose

Aerial shot of a woman in a blue hat lying on her stomach in the grass reading a book with her jack russell dog by her side.
By Team Trilogy |

“We all – adults and children, writers and readers – have an obligation to daydream. We have an obligation to imagine.” - Neil Gaiman

Reading often holds a certain nostalgia for us, it’s something that we think of fondly or feel that we should do more frequently, but somehow have trouble motivating ourselves to start doing. It can be entertaining and addicting, and yet it can also be difficult to do regularly and may seem less important than other pressing tasks in our already busy lives.

If you need a few excuses to crack open your next book, consider how important reading can be to people of all ages. Not only is literacy essential for language formation and learning about new topics, but fiction can have a positive influence on memory recall and building empathy for others. Through understanding and recognizing different situations and emotions, stories of fiction can make us better people. So if you start losing interest in what you’re reading, try another genre or author; if you are unable to buy books, visit a library; and if you have failing eyesight, give audiobooks a shot. Any way you do it, May is a great time to “Get Caught Reading!”

In honor of this special month, we’re sharing a few fun craft bookmarks to encourage everyone to turn more pages in their next great read.

Easy paperclip bookmark - Even office supplies such as a paperclip can become an interesting bookmark to use every day. Spruce up the ordinary fastener by tying or gluing a ribbon or button to the top end, leaving the double rounded side open to slide onto a waiting page. If you’re feeling creative, other small objects like googly eyes or laminated photographs could make these bookmarks special. As an added bonus, if you tend to lose your bookmarks, you can make a few and put them in conspicuous places where they can double as decorations.

Page corner bookmark - This one only requires a square of paper but it may take a few tries to perfect. First, cut a square of four inches or so and fold it in half diagonally. Then take the small angled ends and fold them up to the wide angle until it is shaped again like a square. After creasing, unfold the ends and take the top piece of the wide angle, folding it towards the long side. At this point it should look like the paper has been divided into four triangles with one of them facing the opposite direction. Grab the creased ends from before and press them over again into a square. Take the loose ends and fold them in half into the little pocket created by the middle triangle.

The finished craft should fit over the corner of a page, but if you have trouble it helps to look at pictures and follow along with each step. Once you get the hang of this bookmark there are plenty of fun variations to try. Pattered paper, drawing pictures, or gluing on other pieces for decoration, are a few of the many creative options for making this project unique and exciting.

We hope these bookmarks help you find your place!

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