Living With Purpose

A note of thanks from a resident written on poster board using candy.
By Team Trilogy |

November is National Gratitude Month (bet you didn’t see that coming, what with THANKSgiving and all). That being said, we were truly inspired by a resident at Cumberland Pointe Health Campus who gave us the best thank you we’ve ever received. Because of her creativity, we’re sharing some unique ways you can say thank you in the future! (You’re welcome!)

Like our resident, say it with food! Check out these Crazy Little Projects you can do to show your gratitude to someone!

Say it with words. Shocking tip, right? But sometimes the best way to say thank you in a creative way is to just say it in a creative way!

Say it with song! Make them a mixtape or a playlist (whatever the kids are calling it these days)! Here’s a list of ‘thank you’ songs to get you started.

However you say thank you this month, we know it will be appreciated. We’d like to get the ball rolling by saying a big THANK YOU to all of our residents, their families, members of our community and our employees for everything you do every day to make our lives so much better!

We are thankful for you!