Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

It is easy to take for granted the importance of color in our lives. We gravitate toward certain colors automatically, but we rarely know why. We hardly ever think to ourselves, “Why did I pick this color? How will this color affect my emotions, or my productivity or my everyday life?” It is widely accepted by the psychological community that certain colors evoke certain emotions. Warm colors like red, yellow and orange have been shown to be energizing. Cool colors like blue, green and indigo have a calming effect.

Our relationship with color is more complex than its ability to energize us, relax us, or boost our confidence. Color, like smell, appeals to our senses, which encourages us to create memories. If you smell an apple pie baking, you might recall the delicious pies your mother used to make. Color, too, can take you back in time. Red might remind you of your father’s car, with the both of you bent over, peering under the hood.

At Trilogy Health Services, we understand how important color is to our residents’ lives. That’s why we have events such as Campus in Color and Living Arts dedicated to bringing color to life at our campus. This is also why our residents have the freedom to make their space their own when they move into one of our communities. They are even encouraged to bring furnishings and decorations from their previous home if they choose.

We are impressed, every day, by the creativity and skill our residents show in decorating their suites. And if you ever visit one of our campuses, don’t be surprised if you’re pulled into a room or two so they can showcase their talents (they can get quite competitive). So take a page out of our book this month. Use color to transform your world. Make it bright, make it beautiful, but most of all, make it you.