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By Team Trilogy |
 January is National Hot Tea Month, and we’re sharing some interesting facts about a variety of teas available for your enjoyment! Not only is tea a tasty beverage, but it can also provide a wide array of health benefits to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Green Tea

Green tea can help burn fat, prevent clogging of the arteries, and improve cholesterol levels. It also contains a high level of antioxidants that can hinder the growth of breast, lung, stomach, bladder, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers. Feeling sluggish? Green tea can also produce a noticeable pick-me-up, but does not contain as much caffeine as coffee or espresso, making it a healthier alternative. In fact, the caffeine levels in green tea can help improve brain function. 

Black Tea

Black tea contains the highest caffeine levels and strongest flavor due to its long oxidation process. Similar to green tea, black tea can help reduce the risk of breast cancer and stroke, and can help lower cholesterol levels. Also, the tannins and chemicals in black tea are said to cure digestive problems and aid with intestinal disorders. Blends like English Breakfast and Earl Grey fall into the black tea family, and those who drink it regularly could reduce their risk of heart disease and other heart-related ailments. 

White Tea

Compared to other varieties of tea, white tea is the most “natural,” because it is uncured and unfermented. Because it is so unprocessed, studies have shown that white tea has the strongest anticancer properties. White tea also contains antibacterial properties that protect the skin from bacteria and other germs, as well as the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Always remember, before trying a new tea, do your research. If you have health issues or take medication, ask your doctor before adding any herbal remedies to your diet.