Living With Purpose

Four Generations of family smile as the Easter Bunny delivers eggs to them at a Trilogy health campus.
By Team Trilogy |

What do you think of when you think of a senior living community? Do you picture smiling seniors quietly chatting, greeting each other in the halls, sharing meals in the dining room, or snuggled into comfortable chairs, getting lost in a book?

What about a giant bunny hopping from room to room, or kids with their feet sticking out from under bushes? What about entire families outside in the sunshine, laughing, catching up, and holding armfuls of small children and their newly won prizes? No? If that sounds strange to you, you’ve probably never been to one of our campuses around Easter.

As a company offering senior health and hospitality services, we, of course, serve seniors. However, we also serve their families, their friends, and the communities we call home. This means that at any given time at our campuses you might see people of all ages, especially during our holiday celebrations. Take one look at any of our Facebook or Twitter pages recently and you’ll see we’ve been up to our knees in giggling kids. They’ve been all over the place, hunting for eggs, bouncing in bounce houses, hamming it up with the Easter Bunny, and showing off their prizes to their parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents, who have loved watching them have a ball.

Our campuses are places where life is celebrated, whether you’re eight or ninety-eight years young. We understand that no matter your age, joy is joy, and good times are times to be cherished. We try to create as many good times as possible at every one of our campuses throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, and we encourage families to come together under our roofs (and in our courtyards, front yards, and back yards) and enjoy one another’s company. Because when our homes are full, so are our hearts.

Find a campus near you and stop by today! We welcome visitors and volunteers of all ages.