Living With Purpose

Volunteer paints elderly lady's fingernails
By Team Trilogy |

Volunteers span all age groups, and senior volunteers are becoming more and more important to our communities. There are many ways in which seniors can make positive, lasting differences in the lives of others by volunteering your skills and your time.

Becoming a Foster Grandparent can have a huge impact on the lives of young people in your community. Foster Grandparents are volunteers that mentor, tutor and care for children and teens in need. By becoming a Foster Grandparent, you have the unique chance to impact the future of a child while forging meaningful relationships and creating memories.

Many children could benefit from being tutored by you! Helping a child learn is a rewarding process for both the student and the teacher. By tutoring a student or even a peer, you are engaging your own mind and improving your mental agility. Studies have shown that seniors who act as tutors show improvement in the regions of the brain involving problem solving and multi-tasking.

Become a Senior Companion. The Senior Companion Program focuses on finding seniors willing to spend time with other adults who need help with everyday tasks or simply need a friend. Senior Companions help other adults keep their independence longer by working with caregivers and family members to ensure that the person they are helping always has someone by their side with their best interest at heart.

Our residents often find time to volunteer in their community! Take their lead and use what you have been given to help others. If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, you can contact Senior Corps, where citizens ages 55 and older can sign up to become a Foster Grandparent or Senior Companion. Visit to find these volunteer opportunities in your community. If you are interested in volunteering at any of our campuses, visit our website to find a campus near you!