Living With Purpose

A beautiful array of colorful vegetables in a wicker basket.
By Team Trilogy |

It’s easy to underestimate the huge impact gardens have on our everyday lives. Think of all the ways you have benefitted from a garden over the years. If you lived on a farm, your garden may have helped to fill your plate, as well as your pocketbook. Even if your experience with gardens were limited to your mother’s fragrant tomato plants, or her window boxes that filled with happy blooms every summer, you have reaped the benefits of a garden. Every time you bite into a buttered ear of corn, pause to admire a pretty flower, or even take a trip to the grocery store, you are doing so because someone, somewhere, has a garden. At Trilogy, we love our gardens and we’re going to outline a few of the ways we utilize gardens at our campuses so that our residents can continue to enjoy these rewards.

Campus in Color: Our Ode to the Outdoors
This time of year, every year, you can find many of our residents and employees outside, getting their hands dirty and loving it. Our Campus in Color competition pits us against over 100 other Trilogy Senior Living Communities throughout the Midwest in categories like Best Curb Appeal. If you have a green thumb, or even if you’re just a fan of fresh air, we invite you to join us in planting, preening, and enjoying our campus gardens.

From Garden to Plate
What’s better than biting into a mouth-watering B.L.T? Knowing that you grew the tomatoes yourself! Our chefs are passionate about using fresh, local produce, some of which is grown right here in our campus garden. If our residents have a favorite vegetable they would like to enjoy, all they have to do is let a member of our campus team know! We love to help them every step of the way, from planting, to harvesting, to preparing their favorite dish.

Growing Healthy Bodies & Minds
When the weather is nice, we spend as much time outdoors as we can, including spending time in our gardens. The needs of our plants provide the opportunity to perform gentle exercise, which can help residents to maintain, and even improve motor skills. Additionally, gardening has been shown to lower the level of Cortisone, the stress hormone, and the Vitamin D we receive from the sun is nature’s best mood-booster. Whether we’re planting flowers, taking a stroll, or sipping a cool drink in the company of friends, we love spending time among things that grow. If you haven’t enjoyed some quality time in our campus courtyards this month, make sure to do so! We would love to have you.