Living With Purpose

Residents  in a TrilogyFIT exercise class sit in chairs and happily lift hand weights.
By Team Trilogy |

Many seem to think that the older a person is, the less active they become. Seniors are often depicted as too frail, or too tired, to participate in any activities other than knitting or quietly watching television. As a community made up of seniors, it makes us happy to let people know that this is wrong. Sure, there aren’t a lot of seniors signing up for the next Ironman triathlon (though Madonna Buder, aka the Iron Nun, finished the Subaru Ironman Canada in 2012 at age 82) but there are plenty of seniors who make it a point to stay active. The key is finding activities that suit their needs and abilities.

At our campuses, this is where our TrilogyFIT program comes in. With four separate components, TrilogyFIT is designed to increase heart health, strength, flexibility and balance. Here's an inside glimpse of TrilogyFIT and all it has to offer (along with a few seniors who inspire us with their dedication to fitness)!

We’ll start with HeartFIT, our program designed to make sure our hearts are at the top of their game. Although we won’t be asking our residents to run a 10-minute mile (which, by the way, has only been done by Orville Rogers, who was over 90 at the time) we lead exercises that can be done standing up or sitting down, such as shoulder shrugs, marching in place, toe lifts, and many, many more. It’s not uncommon to find an entire group getting their heartrate up either inside to music or outdoors to the tune of birdsong.

StrongFIT, our strength training program, utilizes a number of different props and weights to maintain muscle strength. We may not be on the same level as Ernestine Shepherd, who holds the title of Oldest Female Bodybuilder according to the Guinness Book of World Records, but our curls, rows, and raises have our residents feeling stronger every day.

During FlexFIT, we tap into our inner Tao Porchon-Lynch (who at 98 can strike yoga poses that make us sore just by looking at them) and perform gentle stretches that increase flexibility and help our residents cut down on the stiffness that can cut in on their good time.

Our BalanceFIT program is key to fighting falls, and although we may not be walking over 600 feet across a tightrope like Ivy Baldwin (who completed the task at the age of 82), our balance exercises will help those who call our campus home navigate life’s obstacles with confidence.

At our campuses, our residents are our top priority, which is why we invest in their mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. If you are interested in learning more, or if you would just like to stop by and join in, we welcome both your calls and your visits. After all, the journey towards wellness is always better with friends by your side.