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A midnight view of moonlight and palm trees over the Mediterranean Sea.
By Team Trilogy |

Last month, residents cast off for a Midnight on the Mediterranean cruise, the second of our Trilogy Cruise Line expeditions!

This week-long event took residents through the Strait of Gibraltar to the great Mediterranean Sea. Oh, the Mediterranean. No other word is capable of simultaneously evoking thoughts of warm summer sunshine, lazy days by the beach, and effortless al fresco dining, antique charm and casual elegance.

Residents at our campuses enjoyed Creative Cooking where they embraced the world’s healthiest foods and snacks with uniquely Mediterranean recipes. They were enthralled by tales of Greek Mythology, and dazzled by the art, architecture, and culture of the region.

When not immersed in Mediterranean ‘excursions’, residents enjoyed on-board activities such as shuffleboard on the lido deck and games of dice (a favorite in Greece) in the ship’s casino.

Tiramisu on many plates

Photo of delicious looking antipasto skewers on many plates







Just when our residents thought they couldn’t be charmed more by the Mediterranean, they were pleasantly surprised by a special night of fine dining aboard the ship – a treat known to all as our Themed Dinner. Residents were dressed in their best as our ship’s crew served them fine cuisine like Mediterranean roasted cod, antipasto skewers, lemon chicken soup, tiramisu and more, while entertaining their guests all through the night.

As the week finally came to an end, residents agreed, our cruise through the Mediterranean was truly one of luxury and charm. 

Take a look at how much fun we had abourd the Love Boat in February!

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