Living With Purpose

Three female employees and a resident are dressed in seafaring clothes and holding cruise props while smiling for the photo.
By Team Trilogy |

When we put our heads together to dream up this year’s Theme Week theme, we had a tall order to fill because we’ve hosted some top-notch Theme Weeks! From Kansas twisters and Cowardly Lions to the Hoppin' 50s, trips around the world and even back in time, we’ve done it all. This year, we needed a theme that would blow the others out of the water – the question was, what should it be? We knew that we wanted to show off our friendly staff, famous hospitality, and fine dining experience. We wanted to keep it classy, but still have fun. To put it simply, we wanted to turn our campuses into one-stop-shops for guaranteed good times. But where could we look for inspiration? Where can a person find delicious food, wonderful company and activities for every taste in the same place? The answer hit us like a tidal wave – a cruise ship!

Thus, The Trilogy Cruise Line was born! 

This year, we’ll be taking four luxurious cruises without ever hoisting our anchors: Love Boat, Midnight on the Mediterranean, Cruisin’ to the Caribbean, and Serenade on the Seven Seas. Our first cruise, Love Boat, just wrapped up. How did it go? Swimmingly!

We decorated our campuses with everything you need for a romantic cruise, including an ocean view, life preservers (just in case), drinks with the little umbrellas, and Captain’s hats for all. Our staff was more than willing to get into character and took turns posing at the helm for pictures with our residents. We’ve posted some here, but you can see more by following Trilogy Health Services on Twitter and Facebook!

The week was filled with activities The Love Boat’s Cruise Director Julie would be proud of, including Love Trivia, a piano bar performance, Love Song Karaoke and many more. On Thursday, residents gathered together to top off the week with an extra special event.

We know that the best cruises are known for their food, so we challenged our talented chefs to go all-out! Residents enjoyed classic French onion soup as a starter, followed by jumbo shrimp cocktail and homemade bruschetta. Carved-to-order roasted beef tenderloin or a Cornish game hen with herbed stuffing and white wine sauce made up the main course options. This was followed by a lemon ice palette cleanser, served in a frozen lemon! Dishes were served with creamy scalloped potatoes and bacon-wrapped green beans. For dessert, our chefs crafted blue-ribbon worthy Baked Alaska that barely had time to cool before it was devoured.

Our Love Boat Theme Week was a huge success, and this is only the beginning! Make sure that you’re subscribed to Living With Purpose so you can get the scoop on our next Theme Weeks! We’re heading to the Mediterranean Sea next – stay tuned!

Theme Weeks are only one of the many ways we exceed our customers’ expectations. Find a campus near you and schedule a tour today! Act now – suites fill up quickly on these luxury liners!