Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |
Sure, your typical triathlete may be a bit younger than our average resident, but if we’ve learned one thing from this year’s Trilogy Triathlon, it’s that our residents are every bit as competitive as the youngest, most hungry competitors you see running, cycling, and swimming on television.
If you haven’t been keeping up with the competition on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, you may be wondering, “What’s the Trilogy Triathlon?” Well we’re glad you asked! Beginning in 2015, Trilogy Health Services decided to create an opportunity for our residents to pit their wits and their skills against one another in a battle for glory. (All in good fun, of course).
Our CEO, Randy Bufford, was so fired up about the event that he starred in a special Opening Ceremony Kickoff video, where he encouraged all of our residents to “enrich each other’s lives with a healthy spirit of competition,” and to “exercise your mind, body, and spirit.” His words struck a chord with many, and we’re sure our residents couldn’t help but notice the row of trophies lined up in the background!
This year, each campus kicked off their week of games with an Opening Ceremony, complete with a parade and torches (don’t worry, folks, those flames may look real, but we assure you, they’re paper!) Some campuses even crafted their own flag and gave themselves interesting names like The Happy Hour Hoosiers and The Quackers. After all, at Trilogy we take what we do seriously… not ourselves!
Throughout the week, our residents participated in a wide range of competitions. We saw their brows furrow as they raced against the clock to complete puzzles of our own creation. Our mouths watered as we watched them decorate cakes Iron Chef-style, with frostings of every color and plenty of added flair. We cheered from our seats as they tapped into their inner Stephen Curry during the free-throw competition, and laughed along with them when noodle-hockey proved to be just as funny as it was fun. We held our breath as they zoomed down the hall in their homemade bobsleds, but let it out with a ‘Whoop!’ as they crossed the finish line.
At the closing ceremonies, residents accepted award after award, helped themselves to celebratory treats, and congratulated one another on battles well fought. Even those who didn’t win the gold scored big and left with memories they can rehash with their friends for months to come.
It takes a lot of hands and a lot of hearts to pull off an event of this magnitude, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the staff members at each one of our campuses that made it happen. There’s always something exciting going on at our campuses. Stop by a campus near you and check it out. If you’re lucky, someone may challenge you to a game of noodle hockey.