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A resident loves posing with a leprechaun for Irish Theme Week
By Team Trilogy |
This year, our Theme Weeks are taking residents “Around the World,” where they will discover and enjoy the cultures of four different European countries. Our first Theme Week of the year took residents on a magical journey to the Emerald Isle where they cavorted with leprechauns and communed with the fairy folk.

They kicked off their journey to experience “The Luck of the Irish” with a week full of Irish themed activities and experiences. They made Celtic Knot Cookies, learned some Irish blessings, were enchanted by Irish folklore and myths, and enjoyed a wee bit of Irish humor!

What’s the pot of gold at the end of this wonderful rainbow? A fantastic Themed Dinner of course! Residents and staff dressed in their best Irish attire to feast upon delicacies such as Irish Potato Soup, Guinness and Honey-Glazed Pork Loin, Bangers and Mash, Traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie, Irish Whiskey Cake, Bailey’s Irish Cream-Chocolate Cheesecake and so much more!

As the evening continued, they were entertained by maidens performing an Irish River Dance that knocked our residents’ shamrock socks off, and many even captured a wily leprechaun in a photograph!

To see just how much fun residents at each of our campuses had experiencing “The Luck of the Irish,” take a look at our Facebook Photo Album, and check out these hashtags (#LuckOfTheIrish, #IrelandThemeWeek, #TrilogyLiving) on Twitter!
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