Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

During our last Themed Dinner of the year, residents had a far-out time with our ode to the 1960s, “Peace, Love and Music!”

All week, they experienced the ‘60s in all of their glory. Residents tie-dyed t-shirts, had Clue tournaments, created colorful flower decorations and more! They even had resident controlled games of Twister, where residents commanded the moves that had our staff members in knots and everyone twisting with laughter.

During the week, everyone also enjoyed 1960s tunes as they played throughout campuses, psyching everyone up for the big event at the end of the week. The Woodstock lineup was a hit and had residents ready to show off their dance moves in that week’s dance class.

When the time finally came for the Themed Dinner event, everyone looked their coolest in colorful attire and peace sign glasses. Residents particularly loved their photo ops with the “flower power VW bus,” large multicolored “peace hand” and psychedelic signs. Some even enjoyed live entertainment to really get them in the spirit of the ‘60s!

When it was time for dinner, residents dined on cheesy fondue and other era-specific delicacies specially created by campus chefs for the occasion. It was the best way possible to close out our Themed Dinner season. And at the end of the night, everyone agreed that they’d had a blast surrounded by peace, love and music.