Living With Purpose

Trilogy employee teaches senior man how to use technology.
By Team Trilogy |

One of my favorite things about living at Aspen Place is their LifeShare technology. I can stay in constant contact with my family who live far away in Maine, and it’s so easy to use. I say goodnight to my family every night, and I was able to see a picture of my grandbaby, minutes after birth. I keep my LifeShare on all of the time so I don’t miss a thing! - Donna T., Aspen Place Health Campus Resident

Over the past decade it seems as if there has been at least one new technological invention every week. With all of this new technology, our world is changing quickly, and many seniors are finding it difficult to keep up. However, many new, technological inventions benefit seniors by making life simpler – from helping you get organized, to keeping in touch with those you love, or even more fully enjoying your free time.

There are a variety of senior-friendly technologies out there, waiting for seniors to take advantage of them. Phones such as the Jitterbug have easy-to-read screens and can also be equipped to send out distress signals in case of an emergency. E-reading devices such as the Kindle can store thousands of books, allowing readers to carry entire libraries with them everywhere they go. With the invention of GPS and OnStar systems for cars, seniors can leave home with peace of mind, knowing that their route is planned for them and that help can be called with the touch of a button should they ever need it.

At Trilogy Health Services, we’re aware of how important technology is in today’s world. That’s why we offer a senior-friendly technology called LifeShare. Through LifeShare, family members can send their loved ones messages, pictures, and even videos, and our residents receive them right on their television screen. Residents can also use LifeShare to brush up on the daily news, check the weather, read books, play games, and be reminded of important events.

All of these inventions have been created so that they are easy to learn and easy to use every day. It can be overwhelming living in a world with so many screens, but once you dip your feet in, you’ll be surprised at how technology can improve your quality of life. Take some time to check out new inventions that pique your interest. Share what you learn with your friends and family members. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro, and our tech-based world will transform from a place to fear, into a place to explore.