Living With Purpose

A mother, child and grandmother smile for the camera as the sunlight shines on their faces.
By Team Trilogy |

One of the greatest challenges for those accompanying a loved one through an Alzheimer’s/dementia journey is maintaining meaningful contact as the disease progresses. In fact, it becomes such a challenge for some families that visits diminish because of the feeling that communication has become impossible. To assist you in maintaining enjoyable, meaningful visits with your loved one, we are happy to provide you with some suggestions:

Early Stage Ideas:

  • Think of a happy event in your loved one’s life and ask them to recall it
  • Play simple but familiar games (dominoes, simple card games)
  • Take a walk through the facility or grounds
  • Participate in a group activity together
  • Take your loved one out for a treat or meal

Middle Stage Ideas:

  • Rely less on talking and more on doing
  • Complete sorting tasks
  • Enjoy your loved one’s favorite music
  • Enjoy your loved one’s favorite foods
  • Provide photo albums or older family videos
  • Perform manicures
  • Take short trips out

Late Stage Ideas:

  • Begin relating using your loved ones senses
  • Be prepared for the fact that your loved one may not recognize you
  • Provide your loved one with a gentle back, arm and/or leg massage
  • Provide bold things to look at
  • Provide favorite flavors to taste/eat
  • Sit together and enjoy hand holding, listening to music, the sunshine, etc. (silence can be golden)
  • Provide verbal affirmations
  • Provide recognizable scents
  • Enjoy a bird aviary or aquarium

These are just a few ideas shared by Trilogy's Memory Care specialists. If we are caring for a friend or relative at one of our campuses, feel free to ask any of our caregivers to provide you with individual suggestions regarding communication strategies for your loved one. Never hesitate to contact our Memory Care leaders with questions. Remember, even if your loved one is well into their journey and isn’t able to show it, they know that you are there!