Living With Purpose

Volunteers and Staff help a senior living resident stay engaged at Trilogy Health Services.
By Team Trilogy |
At one point or another, all of us feel lonely. As we age, and life events separate us from loved ones, friends, and chances to get out and socialize, loneliness can take up residence in our homes and in our hearts. Days can become long and unfulfilling, with little to look forward to. During times like this, it’s easy to become depressed, or even hopeless. Thankfully, there are people in every community who are willing to reach out to those who are lonely, and let them know that they are not alone.
Today is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day and a perfect opportunity to reach out to a senior you know who may be feeling lonely and make them smile. Below are a few ideas to help you get started!
Take Them out on the Town
If possible, invite them to go out with you, whether it’s to run errands (if physical strength permits), go to lunch, stroll through the mall, etc. Sometimes getting someone out of their home and distracting them with what you may consider mundane daily activities can make a huge difference. Bonus points if it is a sunny day – their serotonin levels will rise and put them in an even better mood!
Get Social
Ask them to join you for a book club or other social gathering. With so many people around, they’ll find it difficult to feel lonely. Make it a happy, lively occasion. Smiles are contagious, after all!
Play a Game
Whether you choose to play a favorite card or board game of theirs or teach them a new game, this can be a distracting tool that can also make conversation easier and more natural.
Give Them a Call
If going to visit isn’t an option, call someone to let them know that they are on your mind. No matter how long or short the call lasts, it will surely brighten their day.
Give Them a Hug
Physical contact has been proven to lower stress levels! By giving someone a heartfelt hug, they will be reminded that they are appreciated and cared for. Simple gestures like this can turn someone’s entire day around.
Ask If They Need Help
Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. If someone is experiencing severe grief or loneliness, offer your services or direct them to someone who can help, such as a trusted therapist or doctor.
Seek Professional Guidance, If Necessary
If patterns of sadness and loneliness are worsening or not improving, they could be experiencing depression. Symptoms you may notice are severe fatigue, anxiety, lack of interest in activities previously enjoyed, alcohol abuse, mood swings, irritability, and difficulty focusing or engaging in conversation. If any of these signs are noted, encourage your loved one to speak with a doctor.
At Trilogy, we have many residents who are without family but who benefit from the socialization and engagement provided by our compassionate staff and volunteers. We strive to make everyone feel appreciated, useful and above all, loved.
If you would like to volunteer at one of our campuses, contact us today!
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