Living With Purpose

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By Team Trilogy |
Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia can be a difficult road to navigate. The journey can be riddled with numerous questions as well as emotional challenges. Educating oneself on related topics and seeking support from others in similar circumstances can become essential components of a caregiver’s wellbeing and success. For these reasons, our campuses offer a monthly group meeting, known as our Family Forum, to allow individuals this vital opportunity to learn and share their experiences through a blend of practical knowledge and emotional support.
The first component of our Family Forum is education. Knowledge is crucial when coping with a loved one’s dementia journey. The more you know what to expect and the more you understand why your loved one might say or do different things, the easier it may be to manage your own emotions and stress level.
The second aspect of our Family Forum is more supportive in nature. Caregivers and family members have the opportunity to ask questions and share stories, as well as give and receive comfort and advice. Group members have “been there,” and listen compassionately to others’ expressions of guilt, frustration and anxiety. Stories are shared about common missteps that caregivers may have made or challenging situations that have been faced. This confidential, positive setting for sharing experiences (and releasing emotions) is known to be a tremendously important factor in how well someone copes with caregiver stress.
Being with others in similar situations can be a source of practical help as you learn about new ideas and resources. Most of all, you may find it helpful to talk to or listen to others wrestling with similar problems and the complicated feelings they bring. That is why our residents’ family members, as well as members of the general community, are invited and encouraged to attend our Family Forums.
Please contact a campus near you to obtain more information about our monthly Family Forum and other Memory Care services. We’re here to support you.