Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |
Stress. It is very likely that just reading that word has caused you to feel a slight sense of unease. Perhaps you are thinking of a list of tasks you have not yet completed, a promise you have not fulfilled, an uncomfortable situation you are in, or the possibility of such a situation in the future. No matter where you are on your life’s journey, stress is a factor. April is Stress Awareness Month and a great time to focus on de-stressing. Below we list some ways to identify stress, as well as provide techniques for coping with stressful times in your life.
Learn to recognize when you’re stressed. Pay attention to your body. Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you reaching for alcohol or other substances to cope with stress? Are you more easily upset? Do you find yourself tired, anxious, or depressed? Stress takes a physical, as well as mental toll on the body, and the presence of any of these symptoms is a sign that it’s high time you take time to relax.
Winter weather is behind us, and the great outdoors is calling! Taking a walk outside, working in a garden, or just spending some time by an open window can do wonders for a mind stretched thin from stress. It’s hard to focus on what is wrong when blue skies, green grass, and happy spring blooms are all evidence of what is right.
If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, under fire, or at your wit’s end, don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend, family member, or trusted member of your community; one of the most important things to remember when dealing with stress is that you’re not alone. Make plans to meet your bosom pal for coffee, vent to a family member over the phone, or rely on the expertise of a mental health professional. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to lend a hand once you ask for help.
At our campuses, we take pride in providing opportunities for not only our residents, but their friends, family members, and members of the community to shrug off stress and enjoy everything the spring season has to offer. If you’re a caregiver in our community who is struggling to stay positive while caring for your loved one with dementia at home, join us for a day of pampering at one of our Caregiver’s Day Off events. If our residents get the blues, we encourage them to join in an activity or outing, take some time to experience the outdoors, or brainstorm their own perfect, relaxing afternoon. Our staff always does their best to make it happen!
Of course, our campuses are always open to community members who are looking to socialize, make new friends, and get the most out of life. Ask about joining a Senior Executive Club or Social Society, pop in for a community event, or volunteer your time and talents to brighten someone’s day. There’s always something fun going on at our campuses, and nearly unlimited opportunities to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the onset of spring.