Living With Purpose

A table at a Trilogy Health Campus is filled with health and wellness items including jump ropes, pedometers, water bottles and more!
By Team Trilogy |

In a world where we’re surrounded by vending machines, fast food, and endless reasons to never leave the couch, living a healthy lifestyle is quite the challenge. It’s hard enough to muster up the motivation to work out when we’re off work, so how are we supposed to be mindful of our wellness when we’re at work?

We need employers who are invested in our wellness. It’s as simple as that.

We need to work for companies that do more than encourage us to be well. They need to give us a place to go for answers, create opportunities for us to get active, and provide us with support, every step of the way. This is why, at Trilogy, we created TrilogyFIT, our all-encompassing wellness program, and why we spend an entire week every year getting the word out about wellness. We’re proud to say that this year, our team took our Wellness Week to a whole new level.

Wellness Week began June 4th, but our Home Office team got a jumpstart by participating in the Louisville Corporate Games on June 3rd. Thanks to plenty of Day-Glo, a killer 80’s playlist and a bedazzled Richard Simmonds, the Trilogy team tailgate was easy to spot! Although they fell short of winning the title, everyone left in high spirits, ready for their comeback in 2018.

Home Office 5

From the 4th through the 12th, our 108 senior living communities across the Midwest each held their own wellness activities. If you’re picturing a sad bowl of granola bars in the breakroom or a boring staff meeting with bland handouts, think again. If there’s one thing our employees excel at (besides caring for seniors) it’s having a great time. 

Ottawa 1They whipped up homemade, healthy treats with their residents, held special staff celebrations and raffled off prizes, and, most importantly, hosted their own Heart Walk to raise awareness for heart health. Part of the proceeds from the walks benefitted the American Heart Association, a longtime fellow wellness advocate. Those with Fitbits competed against one another by tracking their steps throughout the week, and our Wellness Team offered special discounts to those looking to purchase a Fitbit so that they could join in on the fun.

Meanwhile, Trilogy leaders and friends donned spandex riding gear and rode a whopping 200 miles throughout Indiana as part of their annual wellness bicycle ride, the Trilogy200. Along the way, they made stops at 12 of our campuses, where they celebrated employees who were on their own wellness journeys, and spread the word about all of Trilogy’s amazing wellness benefits. We would tell you all the ways everyone had a blast, but we think the video speaks for itself!

Whether you work here or live here, you’re a member of the Trilogy family. That means we’re invested in your wellness, and that we’ll do everything we can to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. We’ll also make sure you have fun while you’re at it, because who said being well has to be boring? If you’re interested in learning more, find a campus near you, or search open positions at