Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

The Trilogy Foundation has seen such success with our Employee Dependent Scholarship, we wanted to offer it again for our employees’ children who are planning to attend college this fall!

Apply now through February 28th for your child to receive a $500 Employee Dependent Scholarship this year!

Last year, the Trilogy Foundation gave out 362 scholarships to our employees’ dependents for a total of $181,000 given. Here are a few of our Dependent Scholarship recipients from 2016!


ChasDailey blog 
Chas Dailey

Staff Member: Mike Dailey,
Director of Compliance-Clinical
Campus: Louisville Home Office

“I have friends in college that don’t seem to have the same type of support from their parent’s employer as Trilogy. I really enjoy seeing my dad have a good time with the people he works with on the Trilogy riding team, and that means a lot to me. This scholarship will help to support my academic work at Western Kentucky University (including classes, books and lab expenses) and assist my family in making my college education more affordable.

My degree is in Environmental Science with a Geography Minor. I hope to work for a company that has the mission of developing more sustainable resources for our country and world. I want to develop as broad an experience in environmental science services as I can, and hopefully make a difference for the next generation, not just ours.” 


BrianBrianna Blog  
Brian Carrick and Brianna Meier

Staff Member: Marsha Carrick,
Therapy Program Director
Campus: Lakes of Sylvania

Brian“This scholarship will assist me in achieving my goals by reducing the stress that tuition can bring and allowing me to focus more on my school work. I would like to thank Trilogy for granting this scholarship to students. Marsha is an awesome step-mom. She is always there for me and that is something I love about her.

I am going to school for Sport Management with a minor in General Business. In 5 years I see myself either being a manager at Kroger or becoming a full-time supervisor at UPS. Also, I will hopefully be thinking about starting a family. Right now my long-term career goal is to further my career with the Kroger Company and either work in Cincinnati or Columbus, or even another big city.”

Brianna“Thanks to my mom for being my main support system through my entire educational career. Thanks again to Trilogy for providing amazing benefits to their employees and families and also for giving me the opportunity to further my education with the help of their generous scholarship. This scholarship will help me achieve my goals by helping finance the education needed to obtain a degree.

I am going to school for Pharmaceutical Science. In five years, I hope to be graduated and working in the medical field. I hope to be working in a lab, creating medicine. My long term career goals are to work with clinical trials for pediatric cancer, and be a medicinal chemist trying to find a cure.”


Alexa blog 
Alexa Humerickhouse

Staff Member: Stephanie Humerickhouse,
Director of Health Services
Campus: Waterford Place

“I would like to thank my mom, Stephanie, for always keeping a roof over my head and giving me all of her love and support and teaching what working hard looks like. I would also like to thank my aunt Heather (also a Trilogy employee) for teaching me how to be a leader in a work environment. These two women are my biggest inspirations. I also want to thank the Trilogy Foundation for rewarding me with this amazing scholarship.

I am going to school to study Sport and Exercise Science and eventually become a Physical Therapist. I hope to receive my Master’s degree and become a physical therapist for children with disabilities. One piece of advice I would give someone pursuing a college degree is to never give up on your hopes and dreams because even though failing stinks now, it will be beneficial for you in the long run.”



If you would like to be part of a company that offers such amazing programs for employees, visit our careers site and apply today!