Living With Purpose

Two Trilogy Chefs stand behind a table where they have just served a senior couple steak dinners.
By Team Trilogy |

Before they came to Autumn Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Perretta’s favorite restaurant was Outback Steakhouse. After mentioning how they loved a good steak dinner, Director of Food Services Vincent Gray and Assistant Director of Food Services Corey Lacey crafted a wonderful meal just for them! 


As the couple was presented with their steaks, Mr. Perretta asked with eyes full of tears, “What did I ever do to deserve this?” Vincent’s answer was, “It's simple. We care about you both, and if you ask for it, we’ll grant it!” Mr. and Mrs. Perretta were overcome with gratitude and told both employees that they would never forget the love that was shown to them.

Thank you to Vincent and Corey for creating a magical meal for our residents, and thank you to Bobbie Jo Adams, Life Enrichment Director at Autumn Woods Health Campus in New Albany, IN, for sharing this Customer Service Moment!