Living With Purpose

Collage showing five different Trilogy Foundation Scholarship winners on a background featuring many educational illustrations.
By Team Trilogy |

Through The Trilogy Foundation, we offer education assistance in the form of Employee and Dependent Scholarships, Student Loan Repayment and Certification/Tuition Reimbursement. It’s our way of encouraging our employees to dream big, and help them make those dreams come true!

Since these programs began, the Foundation has dispersed over $2,400,000 in scholarships and over $1,115,000 in student loan repayments. Below are the stories of some of the Trilogy employees who have taken advantage of these programs. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us!

Adrienne Thomas – Employee Scholarship Recipient, Autumn Woods Health Campus
A recent graduate of a practical nursing program, Adrienne has been a member of the Autumn Woods family for 6 years. When asked why she chose a career in nursing, she said, “I love the feeling I get when I help others. I feel so blessed that I am able to help the senior population.”

We asked Adrienne how our Employee Scholarship Program helped her in school, and were moved by her response! “I was not sure how I was going to afford to further my education. This program helped me set my worries aside so I can focus on my studies. It’s helped me stay motivated and pursue my education. I love how Trilogy gives back to their employees as well as their community.”

Heather Reynolds – Employee Scholarship Recipient, Village Green Health Campus
Heather is pursuing a degree in Nursing, and hopes to be a Registered Nurse in the next five years! When asked why she wants to be a nurse, Heather told us, “I chose this career path because I want to help people overcome difficulties they may be facing.”

We asked Heather if she had any advice for others pursuing a higher education, and we loved what she had to say. “I would say manage your time wisely. At times it might be hard, but if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!”

Greg and Margo Wilkinson – Dependent Scholarship Recipient, Woodmont Health Campus
Greg is the Life Enrichment Director at Woodmont. His daughter Margo is also part of the Woodmont team, and is a recipient of one of our Dependent Scholarships! She plans on attending the University of Evansville to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant Gynecologist.

Margo was ecstatic when she received her scholarship. “I am extremely thankful for this scholarship! Not only will it help me achieve my career goals, it will help me financially as well. I chose this career path so I could help others. In five years, I hope to be halfway through my Physician Assistant Program.” Congrats to Margo and to Greg, who we know is one proud father!

Jared Goodman – Student Loan Repayment Recipient, Cobblestone Crossing Health Campus
Jared decided to go into nursing “because my mom is a nurse and I always looked up to her. She really has a heart that cares for others.” The funds he receives from the Trilogy Foundation “will help me pay off my student loans and bring me that much closer to going to school.”

When we asked Jared why he chose to come work at a Trilogy campus, he told us, “Cobblestone has always has the best reputation in our community, so it seemed natural to try and become a part of the team.” We’re confident that Jared will achieve his goals, and wish him luck!

Mary Swank – Student Loan Repayment Recipient, Forest Glen Health Campus
Mary is the Legacy Neighborhood Director at Forest Glen, and has been a member of the campus team for nearly 7 years! She told us, “I have always loved helping others, and with several nurses in the family who I look up to, I knew this was the best career path for me. These funds will reduce one of my student loans by almost half and will help me financially in the long run.” Mary also had some wonderful advice to share. “Never give up on your dreams. Your dreams can come true! Always believe in yourself!”

We agree with Mary – the first step to realizing your dreams is to believe in yourself! We’re honored that we are able to help so many wonderful people pursue their professional and educational goals. If you’re interested in working for a company that cares, visit to find open positions near you!