Living With Purpose

A spotlight shines on three photos of Bill - he is dressed as a parrot, a shark and Elvis.
By Team Trilogy |

Some people have careers, and some people have callings. At Trilogy, we’re lucky to employ many people who have found their calling and made it their career. One of those people is Bill Andrews, Life Enrichment Assistant at Autumn Woods Health Campus in New Albany, Indiana. 

Moving to a new home, especially a senior living campus, can be a scary, overwhelming process. The men and women who come to Autumn Woods are often leaving homes they’ve lived in for years and the many faces that have become familiar to them behind. More often than not, they have trouble finding ways to relax or reasons to laugh. Bill knows this – it’s why he’s invested in so many costumes.

During Clown Week (yes, there is a Clown Week) Bill popped on a red wig and golden bow-tie and let residents paint his face. Despite many of their hands shaking from laughter, the end result was something any professional clown would be proud of. Bill took every opportunity to memorialize his new look in pictures alongside laughing residents.

For Shark Week, Bill invested in the famous “Left Shark” costume from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance and swam around the campus, his real smile framed by felt teeth and his arms flapping inside neon blue fins. He was accompanied by a motorized, floating Great White shark, which everyone agreed was slightly scarier than Bill, but a lot less fun!

For his patented weekly event, “Wild Bill Bingo”, Bill has made appearances as both a bright plumed parrot and Elvis Presley (to name just a few of his personas). Although The King may not have sported a goatee, Bill radiated enough rock-n-roll charisma in his bedazzled white jumpsuit and perfectly styled wig that the small difference in facial hair didn’t matter at all.

On a deep level, Bill understands one of the most important needs of every resident at Autumn Woods – the need to have fun. Behind every silly antic, every outrageous costume, and every good natured joke is a sincere desire to bring light and laughter into the lives of others. According to Bill, the reason he does what he does is simple. “Helping others makes me become a better person.”

Nearly as powerful as Bill’s ability to make people laugh is his knack for inspiring others. Life Enrichment Director Bobbie Jo Adams and Bill make quite the team, and the two spend much of their free time brainstorming new ways to tickle their residents’ funny bones. When asked about Bill, Bobbie Jo broke into a wide grin. “When I think of Bill, I think of the love he has for our residents. I’m blessed to have him as my sidekick!”

We’d like to thank Bill for his sense of humor, his enormous heart, and his dedication to our residents. When we’re asked what life at a Trilogy campus is like, we’re proud to show off pictures of Bill at Autumn Woods. Bobbie Jo also shared a Bible verse that reminded her of Bill, and we think it’s the perfect way to sum up the mission of every Life Enrichment team member at every Trilogy campus.

“Let all you do be done in love.” – 1 Cor. 16:14


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