Living With Purpose

Lori Porter hands out her book to Certified Nursing Assistants after her speech during the NAHCA RV Tour.
By Team Trilogy |

How can you tell who the most important person is at a company? Is it the person with the $1,000 suit? The corner office? The Ferrari? At many companies, this is the case. At Trilogy, we do things a bit differently.

If you’re looking for one of our company’s VIPs, you better wear walking shoes, because they’re on the move. They’re helping serve dinner in our campus dining rooms. They’re escorting residents down the hall. They’re cleaning up, changing bedding, running baths, taking vitals, buttoning sweaters, tying shoes, and performing millions of other tasks to ensure that our residents live with both joy and dignity. They’re our Certified Nursing Assistants, and they’re some of the most important people in our entire organization.

Lori Porter, Co-Founder and CEO of the National Association of Health Care Assistants, shares our high opinion of CNAs. During NAHCA’s recent weeklong RV Tour, Lori and NAHCA’s other Co-Founder, Lisa Sweet, made stops at five of our campuses: River Pointe Health Campus in Evansville, IN; Westport Place Health Campus in Louisville, KY; The Willows at Hamburg in Lexington, KY; Triple Creek Retirement Community in Colerain, OH; and Ridgewood Health Campus in Lawrenceburg, IN.

At each campus, Lori spoke before a group of employees, most of them CNAs. She spoke about advocating for those in long-term care, about changing people’s perceptions of nursing homes and senior care facilities, and about the importance of taking pride in what you do.

At Westport Place Health Campus in Louisville, Lori smiled and stretched out her hands to her audience, which also included several residents. “Build residents up and build yourself up. Talk to people about who we are and what we do. We hold lives in the palms of our hands. I’ve never seen another group of people in this country more dedicated to others than those who work in long-term care.” Heads nodded. Having spent over 32 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Administrator in several long-term care facilities, Lori spoke from experience.

A resident in the front row lifted a black microphone with a cord connected to a set of headphones she wore. Lori leaned down. “Let me know if my talking is blowing you out!” she said, laughing. The resident grinned back at her. “Nursing home residents don’t get the recognition they deserve from society,” she continued. “We have the power and influence to make a person feel beautiful, valued and needed. People say it takes a special person to work in a nursing home. I say it takes an incredible person.”

After her presentation, staff members followed Lori to the NAHCA RV, where they smiled for pictures and received a free copy of her book, Everything I Learned in Life…I Learned in Long Term Care. As Lori and Lisa drove away, team members waved until the RV was out of sight. Lori’s message, though, stayed behind. At its heart was empowering advice for Trilogy CNAs who could still hear her voice in their heads.

“Trilogy is the only nursing home group I know of in this country that invests in its employees the way it does. Everyone has the potential to grow. You will get opportunities to move forward if you are willing to invest in yourself and be the best that you can be. There is a winner inside of everyone, as long as you are willing to dig deep. I’m proud to work with Trilogy, and I would be proud to work for them.” - Lori Porter

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