Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

At this very moment, at every single one of our health campuses across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, hundreds of nurses are working tirelessly.

They’re helping Mr. Smith get out of bed and escorting him to breakfast, while chatting with him about his newborn granddaughter.

They’re coaxing Mrs. Berry, who recently lost her husband, to eat, and reminiscing with her over old photo albums.

They’re tending to Mr. Doe’s wounds from his recent fall at home, and making sure that he has his favorite book to read while he’s in bed.

They’re hugging a family member whose loved one has recently passed, and sharing their tears because they loved them, too.

They’re putting others first 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

They’re some of the most exceptional people in the world, and they deserve to be recognized.

In honor of Nurses Week, we’d like to spotlight a few of the people who dedicate themselves to serving others.


Beth Reis, LPN at Forest Springs Health Campus

Beth BlogBeth recently obtained her Wound Care Certification, and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Her favorite part of her job is interacting with each resident and the feeling that she matters to those she cares for. She loves the ER3s (part of Trilogy’s Employee Recognition efforts) at Forest Springs, and fondly remembers the potluck ER3, when everyone brought a dish and shared a meal. Beth is not only a nurse, but a wife, a mother, and a woman of faith. She is strong, caring, and never gives up. We’re lucky to have her!



Ciara Schmidt, LPN at West River Health Campus

Ciara Blog

Ciara is the Health Center Unit Manager at West River and is also a Nurse Mentor. She takes pride in building meaningful relationships with her residents, as well as their families. She told us, “Our residents have so much to share, and we are blessed to be able to relive their stories with them.” Ciara is expecting her first child, Ella, any day now. She has worked throughout her pregnancy, and has enjoyed sharing this exciting time with her residents. “They love to feel her moving and kicking,” she said, “They just light up!” We know that Ciara will be an incredible mother, and wish her all the happiness in the world. She deserves it! 

Michelle Weber, LPN at RidgeWood Health Campus

Michelle Blog

Michelle is a Legacy Neighborhood Director and loves working closely with our Memory Care residents. You can often find her at the piano, playing along while residents sing. “I have been so blessed to be able to witness the powerful impact of music therapy on those with Alzheimer’s and dementia,” she told us. Her favorite memory is a trip she took with the residents to Vogt Farm. It was a perfect sunny day, and everyone snuggled together under quilts on a trolley ride out to the pumpkin patch. “I love creating moments of joy for our residents, and I am lucky to work with such a dedicated, compassionate team.” Michelle is truly special, and we’re so thankful that she is a member of our Trilogy family.


If you have a loved one at one of our campuses, chances are there is a nurse that you hold close to your heart. We’re happy to tell you that you can recognize and thank these exceptional people through our new Grateful Families program.

Through this program, you can deliver a special message to a nurse of your choice, and even make a donation! Donations will be used to benefit employees through programs such as:

  • Emergency Assistance: Created to benefit employees in times of crisis.
  • Education Assistance: Has already given more than $3 million to help employees’ educational endeavors.
  • Special projects, outlined by our campus administration, to continue to enhance the resident experience.

For more information, please visit