Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |
During the Trilogy 200 bike ride in 2015, Audree shared her success story of how she was able to lose 75 lbs! Since then, we're happy to announce that not only has she kept the weight off, but she has also quit smoking! 
"I am feeling so much better, and I am so proud of myself for changing my two addictive habits. I am on a great path for my future. In reflection, I have my 3-year-old son Archer to thank for making me a better person. I wanted to change for him. I wanted him to see his mother as a healthy, active individual, not an individual who turned to food or substances to get through each day. I would also like to thank Trilogy and the Wellness team during the T200 for being inspirational, supportive and uplifting. Trilogy offers so much support to individuals so they can have better, happier lifestyles. What a wonderful company to work for!" - Audree