Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |
For the holidays, Executive Director Stephanie Clark did something amazing for her residents to show them just how much she values each of them. Beginning months ago, she hand crocheted each one of them a unique snowflake. With great care, she created each individual snowflake (each taking approximately 45 minutes to complete). She then lovingly tied them with ribbon so that residents could hang them in their rooms. Stephanie personally delivered each snowflake and, needless to say, the residents were thrilled with their gift. No snowflake is exactly the same, and many of our residents are proudly displaying them on their doors and in their rooms. Stephanie, we can’t thank you enough for the thought and care you not only put into your gifts, but also into your work.
Thank you! And thank you to Shannon Geise, our Director of Life Enrichment at the Meadows of Kalida in Kalida, OH, for submitting this touching Customer Service Moment.