Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

Welcome to the Trilogy Health Services blog, where we are going to be featuring a great deal of company, employee and resident information all with the aim of sharing in a very public way the many Trilogy moments that form the fabric of our organization. Our main goal in creating our blog is simple – we want to deepen our relationships with each other and the communities we serve by sharing relevant information in an efficient way that tells our story in a way that other social media outlets don’t afford us.

In many ways, this has been overdue, but then again, even though we are entrepreneurial in spirit, we do tread carefully with new initiatives, as the online landscape is littered with blogs that have been started and are either not relevant or do not get updated as they should. Like all things Trilogy, we didn’t start until we were prepared to undertake this effort in a Best Healthcare Company in the Midwest fashion. I think you will see from our opening content, mission accomplished!

It is also a great month to start this effort as we are celebrating two significant anniversaries at Trilogy!  The first is that our Resident First newsletter turns fifteen! Read my intro from the very first issue and you can see that we have achieved the goal as first set out!

“Welcome to the first issue of Trilogy’s internal newsletter. We have chosen to name our newsletter Resident First as a reminder to us that our residents come first in everything we do. Each month, the newsletter will feature timely articles of interest on our company, employees, residents and facilities. We will strive to bring you information that will assist you in providing the very best in customer service to our clients, as well as information concerning your employment with the Trilogy Team.”

Besides words from me on our E word, Empowerment, the newsletter featured a winning service moment from Oakwood Health Campus in Tell City and a
snappy quote on Excellence. A lot has changed for the better since then. At that time, we only had six campuses, and check out my photo, too! In many ways, it is emblematic of our progress as an organization. Back then, our services were strictly in the three-channel, rabbit ears, and black and white phase; today we are definitely serving our customers in all color 4K Ultra HDTV mode! 

The second anniversary is significantly more important to our organization as it was the start of our ER3 and STARS Programs. As you may know, ER3 is the short version of Employee Recruitment, Recognition and Retention. In my article ten years ago, I promised that:

“Over the coming months you will see improvements in hiring, orientation and training as well as an incredible array of Employee recognition programs. The goal here being to hire and retain the “Right Employees” who make a difference in the lives of our customers.”

Since those words were written, we’ve achieved our goals and more! Employee turnover is down from an annual rate of 77% to 42%. Even better is the improvement in morale as evidenced by continued improvement in our Employee Satisfaction Survey and Customer Satisfaction Survey scores.  

In closing, I hope our new blog has the same impact on our organization as these two events have had. That is a high standard, but again, that is what we do at Trilogy; set the bar high and then go for it!

Take care,