Living With Purpose

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By Russell Worley |


Dear Staff of Cumberland Pointe,

Excuse my writer’s addressing privileges and the familiar Virginia mountain trout stream. But it’s good to be home again. And as I shared with you earlier, I wish to share again here for all at Cumberland Pointe.

Years ago, there was a U.S. Navy pilot who flew many missions over Vietnam. On his last mission an enemy missile penetrated his aircraft. As his plane broke apart, he ejected and safely parachuted to the ground – although it was behind enemy lines. Being captured, he spent six years in a wartime prison. Following war, the pilot returned to the U.S.A. where he sat at a table in a restaurant. A man quickened to him and said, “I know you; you’re Plumb! You flew over Vietnam and was shot down! You flew from the U.S. carrier, Kitty Hawk!” The astonished navy pilot said, “How on earth did you ever know that?” The man extended his arm in handshake and said, “I packed your parachute. It must have worked!”

To every one of you at Cumberland Pointe I wish to say this:

“Thank you for packing my parachute!”


 Russell Worley


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