Living With Purpose

An outside view of North River Health Campus with an inset box of an elderly lady who was our first resident at the campus.
By Team Trilogy |

shirley2 BlogClose up of a smiling short-haired lady with glasses with flowers and balloons in the background.

There are few days more exciting than when one of our senior living campuses welcomes their first resident. Shirley Meny, the first resident of North River Health Campus in Evansville, Indiana, arrived to her new home accompanied by her family. She was nervous, as anyone would be. Many who move to our campuses have the same questions on moving day. They wonder if they’ll feel welcomed, if they’ll feel at home, and if they made the right decision. How did it go for Shirley? Well, we’ll let her family tell you.

"Our mom Shirley Meny was very lucky to become the first resident of the beautiful North River Health Campus. As anyone can attest, moving at any age can be hard, and as we age, it becomes even harder. However, the folks at North River made sure that her transition went very smoothly.

On moving day, we arrived to find every staff member there to greet us! Now how wonderful of a welcome is that? Since mom has been at North River, the staff has gotten to know her, and has taken the time to find out certain things that she’s always loved to do, like taking a drive to the river, playing a game of Gin Rummy, or just getting her nails done.

Family photo of 5 men and 6 women of different age ranges with resident Shirley sitting in the middle.Any time we have a question, we know that all we need to do is ask, and our questions will be promptly answered. We’ve also been asked by friends and extended family how the food is at North River. Well, to say the least, Chef Shane and his crew have more than surpassed our expectations when it comes to preparing wonderful meals! We would rate them 4 out of 4 stars for sure!

Thank you for everything, North River!"

We’re honored that Shirley and her family chose North River. It’s such a privilege to help Shirley live her life to the fullest. Although this story is one worth celebrating, it’s certainly not the only story of its kind. It’s our mission to make every resident in our care feel welcomed from the moment they walk through the doors of any one of our 107 campuses across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Pay a visit to any of our Trilogy Health Services locations, and we know you’ll feel the Trilogy Difference.