Living With Purpose

Treat bags given out by memory care residents at The Lakes of Monclova in Monclova, Ohio for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.
By Team Trilogy |

It’s a common misconception that those who live in a memory care environment do not live rich and full lives. At Trilogy, we believe that those with memory challenges should be given plenty of opportunities to do what they love. When your memory care neighborhood is full of kindhearted, friendly people, this means finding ways to help them spread joy throughout their home and their community. Hence, #24RACKS (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) was born.

“The idea popped up on my personal Facebook feed and I thought it looked like a great idea that could be adapted for our Legacy residents,” said Michelle Earley, Legacy Neighborhood Director at The Lakes of Monclova in Monclova, Ohio. “We got creative and found ways to complete all 24 RACKS!”

Every day throughout December, residents and staff members of The Legacy at The Lakes performed a RACK. Here’s a breakdown of the entire month.
Day 2: Pick up litter
Day 3: Make cookies for a neighbor
Day 4: Donate toys to your favorite charity
Day 5: Tell a silly joke to make someone laugh 
Day 6: Make a Hug Coupon for someone
Day 7: Donate food to your local food pantry
Day 8: Let someone go ahead of you in line 
Day 9: Take coffee to your teacher (in The Lakes’ case – nurses!)
Day 10: Candy-cane bomb a parking lot 
Day 11: Tape change to a vending machine 
Day 12: Call a faraway friend or relative to say hello 
Day 13: Take supplies to an animal shelter 
Day 14: Do a chore for someone in your family 
Day 15: Give a compliment to a friend 
Day 16: Take treats to the police or fire station 
Day 17: Leave a popcorn surprise at a DVD rental machine 
Day 18: Pay for a stranger’s coffee 
Day 19: Feed the birds 
Day 20: Leave a happy note for someone to find 
Day 21: Give out stickers to kids in line 
Day 22: Give treats to the mail carrier 
Day 23: Smile at everyone you see 
Day 24: Do an act of secret kindness 
**The Lakes even added an extra day! On Day 25, Executive Director Ashley Brough handed out goodie bags!

During the course of their kindness campaign, residents bonded with visitors and staff over shared cookies, stifled their laughter while sneaking candy canes under car windshields, and even made a few furry friends at the Humane Society.

“Next year we would love to create our own calendar with input from our residents, families and staff.” Michelle said. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy following The Lakes of Monclova on Facebook and Twitter, where we can check out the moments of joy that happen here every day.