Living With Purpose

Trilogy Health Services resident, Cecilia, enjoys inspecting and riding in a tractor at The Meadows of Leipsic, a senior living facility in Leipsic, Ohio.
By Team Trilogy |

When Cecilia was young, her brother went off to war. He left behind his family, friends, and a farmyard full of intimidating, gigantic machinery, whose operation was a mystery to his little sister. To this day, Cecilia remembers standing next to her family’s giant tractor and staring up at the thick-treaded green monster; a monster she would have to tame.

It was her father who gave Cecilia her first lessons. From the passenger side of the cab, she watched him carefully as he bent the giant beast to his will, his hands and feet moving in tandem. When her turn came, she was not afraid. She was 14 when she first entered the cab alone. She never looked back.

Cecilia JohnDeerDaring, fierce Cecilia is now a resident at The Meadows of Leipsic and still carries with her the memories of her family’s fields, the smell of cut grass, and the sound of rumbling tractor engines. She often expressed the wish to climb up into a John Deere one more time to savor the view from the back of the machine she came to know so well. Thanks to the staff at The Meadows and Northwest Tractor Company, she did.

When Joe F. of Northwest Tractor pulled up to The Meadows in a 2015, 8R Series Row-Crop Tractor, Cecilia felt transported. Surrounded by her family, she walked around the tractor with her hand outstretched, feeling every ridge and curve. It felt good to get reacquainted. When she was ready, she grabbed hold and pulled herself up into the cab. Behind the wheel once again, she looked down at her family and smiled wide in her new John Deere hat. She was 14 again.

Thank you to everyone who helped Cecilia realize her dream, especially Northwest Tractor Company. If you would like to help make our residents’ dreams come true, contact a campus near you or Contact our Trilogy Foundation Director, Shane Stuber, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 502.909.1263.