Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |
Both in their nineties, Ellie and Bill caught the ziplining bug when they watched their grandkids go whizzing through the air this past summer. Neither of them thought they would get the chance to try it themselves, until Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville welcomed a visitor whose parent’s own a zip-lining tour service! After a quick phone call, Ellie and Bill were booked for their zip-lining adventure. The staff at Indiana Zipline Tours welcomed the couple with warm smiles, and provided both Ellie and Bill with a staff member who rode along with them as they hurtled through the trees, taking care of the logistics so their passengers could simply enjoy the ride. Their excursion lasted for two hours with Ellie and Bill both laughing and smiling the whole time. Thanks to Indiana Zipline Tours and everyone else who helped fulfill Ellie and Bill’s dream!
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