Living With Purpose

Six different couples with Valentine's Day background
By Team Trilogy |
We have some wonderful couples at our campuses, and we couldn’t resist the chance to ask them for relationship advice in honor of Love Week and Valentine’s Day.
Bill and Betty (top left) recently celebrated their 65th Christmas together! The motto they live by?
“You will always be my forever.”
Hope and Bill (top right) have been together for 23 years and they each had great advice to share.
Bill: "Be good to your woman."
Hope: "Be good to your man."
Gloria and Si (middle left) just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!
They said, "Try to lead a Christian life. Love each other regardless. If you’re mad, get over it. It’s give and take when you love someone."
Alan and Marian (middle right) celebrated their Diamond Anniversary, that’s 60 years of wedded bliss, this past July.
The secret to their happiness is that they "never argue and they have always gotten along well since day one." Marian says that they are "truly devoted to one another."
Marland and Evelyn (bottom left) haven’t exchanged gifts in 65 years. Instead, they show each other how much we love each other every day of the year. Their words of advice?
“Never go to bed mad at each other. Work out your differences and move on before going to bed."
Joe and Vicki (bottom right) have been married an astounding 69 years and are the proud parents of 5 children. How have they kept their love alive?
Joe says, "We care for each other and that has kept us together so long."
“Plus,” Vicki added, “he’s a handsome fellow.”