Living With Purpose

By Team Trilogy |

Campus: WoodBridge, Logansport, IN

The best teachers in the world are those that inspire us. Ethel M. was one of those teachers. Years ago, she touched the life of a little boy named Steve, who, after having Ethel as a teacher in the first grade, was inspired to become a first-grade teacher himself. When the staff at Woodbridge Health Campus learned how deeply Ethel had affected Steve’s life, they planned to bring her to his class for a special visit. Ethel was given a beautiful bouquet, along with a batch of freshly baked cookies to share with Steve’s students. The class greeted her with a giant welcome banner, smiling wide. The biggest smiles, though, belonged to the retired first-grade teacher and her student; Ethel –one hundred years old and still as vibrant as ever, and Steve –the little boy who was all grown up.